Chapter 2 - A Moment in Time Eternal Bat’s Best Plans And Bets Descending in Desire of Darkness

- Now, I want to find a way to hide all that money. - Bruce said.

- Anyway. - Bruce said.

- What are you going to do with all that money? - Asked Azazel .

- I'll buy my company back. - Bruce said. - And save that money. - Bruce said. - And hide in a way that Joker and no one else can find. - Bruce said.

- Come on. - Said Trigon. - You have a good eighteen hours to find out where to hide that money.

- You caused this. - Bruce said.

- With pleasure. - Said Neron.

- Let's get back to betting together. - Bruce said.

- So, are you going to travel? Asked Nekron .

- It's in the package, isn't it? Bruce asked.

- I was killed and went to meet the host of the bet. - Bruce said. - Of course I do.

- Am I going to bet again with you? Asked Nekron .

- I intend to. - Bruce said.

- Better. - Said Trigon. - You took a step to meet with the host of the bet. - Said Trigon.

After hours of organization, and help from treacherous demons, Bruce took out his cell phone, called in some negotiators, and set up a meeting with shareholders, investors, all within sixteen hours, he bought his company back, and promised to fire Lucius.

He took a notebook and wrote some messages, he asked Phantom Stranger to deliver it to each of them, he took his backpack, he went on a trip, being taken by each of his betting colleagues, promising to come back after a year.

He had plans, and so he was going to do it after they got back.

- Where do you want to go first? - Asked Neron.

- For a journey to the 1000th century, and back later during the time, when I will discover the secrets of the universe. - Bruce said.

- Then go backwards. - Bruce said.

Bruce discovered some closely guarded secrets.

Love pain desperate and lost lands

It was thousands of years

Before the wars between planets ... And before the birth of Krypton ...

Ages ago

An ancient planet long destroyed by wars and the devastation of nature for some, who adored their planet.

Knowing that in their destroyed and bitter ancestors of an immense devastated plain of destruction and a war field of gods of ancient Ragnarok,

Among these war camps is a red silhouette of a slender and powerful cosmic entity, long denied by barbarians on a planet that has fallen in monstrous wars.

Whose name on this planet was, Astron was lost because of successive wars to progressive devastation, there was no time to save many peoples, it was in its majority the majority.

As for the few that were left, they were from an ancient religion, they venerated the primate goddess, gradually regressing, they prayed every day to ancient millennial gods.

These were forgotten times and long wars of eternal proportions.

While wars took place in distant moments, in an immense and ancient constellation, old worlds when they still existed.

Those who governed solar systems existed in their dark and malodorous civilization destroyed in the midst of chaos.

In Krypton's past ages when they were just babies crawling through their birth in their pre-industrial civilization.

There were ages ago before the fall of the ancient gods, there was a civilization, but it was much older, it venerated ancient and just gods who received rewards when they were venerated.

The ancient scientists of this world were nothing more than priests lost in the midst of desolation and thus swearing in the midst of ancient prayers invoking ancient names rivaling their beliefs.

Even if in the course of what happened, in which then before their own destruction and cataclysm, minutes before the real collapse in the middle of the light that appeared in the middle of a flood of lava that was rising, and when they were isolated in the subsoil.

While the remnants of skeletal life spread over the surface a barren white dwarf land, and putrefied remnants of existing life, of your planet praying and the despair among the most adults.

What happened, in the last moments of life at that very moment, the grief of those who abdicated their beliefs and the end of a life, and their gods they in this moment of the time of destruction.

Happening to what they were in moments of time when everything changed in the impending catastrophe than moments and remnants of civilization destroyed seconds before their imminent deaths and lava covered their bodies from the implosion of the solar system and what was left of it ...

While all of that changed, deaths lurked and the final seconds before destruction destroyed layers and rising flames and those remnants of rocks, parts of asteroid rocks and constellations.

It was in their investigations that it was in those following seconds in the midst of destruction when everyone lost their hopes the cosmos dying out of rocks and comets and asteroids approaching the destroyed orbit a whirlwind and destruction enveloped in flames of lava and lights.

All this was what when what was left of frozen seas breaking and rising evaporating with the lava that rose the lava the center of the earth moments before bodies evaporating and self-destructing together with the center of gravity that the stars were fading and with lights and in that solar system.

The one that was becoming something different, when the white dwarf that was once a sun and now the black hole that sucked the nearest stars and sucking like a star never existed and rising poisonous clouds of gas.

When they were in these cosmic substances and at that time when the children were enveloped in flames and their planet destroyed, all embraced.

In imminent seconds of their deaths and the flames eroding everything around them spreading along with the destruction when ..., when seconds before, when everything was about to end ...

There were tears on the faces of children shrouded in lava flames and destruction when in an instant of time with their imminent death everything stopped a loud and deafening broken glass noise was heard ...

All those who turned around even embraced tears of pain among them and saw a rounded barrier wrapped around their companions around them ...

Above their heads like flames long red hair an incandescent light and long legs strong and whose thighs were thick.

Her naked silhouette with only a fabric in ribbons just a veil covering her arms and her slim body long arms and rounded breasts her equally red eyes

With her eyes and lifting her hands, she pointed ahead and wrapped in energy capsules were teleported and thus saw around her.

When they saw the legendary and immense ship called the ship of the beginning, it was if not the first ship created with the power of the first goddess among the brother’s king’s gods outside the system.

Thank you, you heard one of the children say while being carried by sentient beings of energy and electricity and the red queen was omniscient.

Its powers were cosmic and its energy was the union between the alpha and omega power and its structure between corporeal and non-physical physical form totally spiritual and energy...

More than 1 million years ago before Krypton's birth, the legendary mothership called the early spaceship had the great warlike power of immense proportions that was 10 times the size of the earth's sun.

Discovering that this was the ship born of the stars and the cosmos that generated its own energy and had its own nucleus, it was the home of the gods capable of creating its own dimension and taking it to other worlds.

The ship was inhabited by beings of incredible intelligence coming from the cosmos and without a physical body and being able to connect to any form of life and the collective consciousness of the ship, energy.

As for the higher forms and made of immaterial and psychic energy, exclusively mental powers.

It was they who were sent from them and sexless angels procreating by parthenogenesis, and flames their bodies could crystallize and harden.

They did not own shape or physical bodies, but created the cybernetic technology through psychic and supernatural power, and it all those that operated the ship were children of the queen and their descendants traveled the cosmos.

Their forms looked humanoid and bluish whitish in color and their hair could alternate between blue at present and red in combat, their eyes were red when their hair was blue and orange.

All of this, when they were red, and had crystals at the ends of their bodies, which connected with their skin and could communicate with other beings, but were not entirely immortal.

In their transformation, when their physical bodies had a time limit they were not degradable and so they could connect and restructure themselves as if by connecting and recreating their body through bodies of hosts the ancient bodies did not deteriorate.

Immediately, when they crystallized and returned to a form of royal blue crystals, their essences by themselves chose a new host, being able to share with another sentient and conscious being and another to alter a technological hybrid form, causing and inducing an evolution.

Even with that, it was causing a fusion of consciousnesses and the more using the host body the more the old one losing consciousness and being absorbed by them and thus becoming a complete being.

All this, while, when he thinks his time is over, he abandoned that body that in turn crystallized and occupied a technological form.

That was a kind of mineral crystal with electrical properties that could be used as technology and was part of the ship as a mechanical part.

It was a precursor technology to that of Krypton prior to its destruction, they were alive and their technology was aware that once they were living beings, the technological part turned off and disconnected from the mental.

Those who could separate weapons and non-weapons were the same things and were aware that they were once flesh beings.

First, they were born of flesh then little by little they would lose their physical form little by little they evolved, joined the technology and lost their physical form and thus divided forming two forms of life and sometimes they lost and used other hosts...

Among them were the most intelligent chief scientist and daughter of Zariel - The red queen, whose name was, well the studies did not say much, but as soon as he obtained more data, he would know ...

For millennia the ship of the beginning had the purpose of taking technology and knowledge wisdom and saving those who needed to be saved it had in its structure black and white crystals and long and pointed and long wings.

All of this, in which his coming could be heralded as the omen of the beginning of so much destruction, but still his interior bigger than the outside was a world inside a ship, formed by crystals of energy.

As for this energy, it comes from the gas stars of the entropy universe, only energy that flows from within it, and for generations it has been its commander.

The one that was called the crimson queen from another world, a goddess who used the form of red energy queen of the energy fields of the red rivers.

One of the daughters born of the energy by parthenogenesis this creature was called Za-ol .

To what was among the apparent female of blue hair and short even though at this time more than twenty thousand years old it had the form of a child with long hair as if spiked and scientist's clothes.

When it was at that moment that it started that it took these children to a distant planet together with a scientist and an ancient race that hitchhiked from another solar system.

And he also saw that was destroyed and these were the VOSH this with your own scientist named, Bertron , same the at that moment was his assistant and girl are in charge of teaching the art of science.

They didn't know any more when they left so much Zaol and the children and the scientists on this little planet and would come back later they would be doomed ...

Current days

Present ground zero moment.

Somewhere else...

It was very interesting to know about the future, as much as it was interesting to know about the past, travel with cosmic beings is learned more when you have great teachers.

Now, he had been back for a while, by the time of the trip he had not gotten past Gotham's gift, at least more than six months, but in reality, Bruce traveled for ages through the multiverse.

During the travels, Bruce learned about the plans that came to fruition, so the man planned, took countermeasures, and that included even Darkseid and each of the villains and heroes.

About that.

It was one of Gotham City's suspicious villain bars, in which some villains got together to plot, among them, the common plans of each one of them, to end Batman.

That was possibly the annual plot meeting against Batman, do you know why?

Because they had nothing better to do, after all, Batman seemed the only one they could challenge with intelligence.

Otherwise, the other heroes were just wall breakers, and ways of punching others in the face.

To what should be commonplace, the plots of each of them, against Batman.

There were catalogs, charts and spreadsheets on the walls of who it was the time, at that time, it was indicating ...

Joker ...

- So, what's your plan today, Joker ? - Riddled questioned.

able with countless villains around, tables fill

while others were playing pool, and in thei

d the clown around the tabl

ng down and looking at him, with a smile full of point

sped as they saw

Said a man with the face of a red lion, he was

on top of his head, which were loose and bulky, with u

, would you like to

ve moved away, perhaps

third eye on his forehead, if they suspected he

suit, and goat horns, twisted on eit

who knows, would do any business with someone like him, t

t you propose.

accepted the deal. - Say I wa

can be in the Wayne tower, and to insert my serum. - He said. “That would attract every membe

uestioned the clown with all confide

nd you could do whatever you want with him, the man would

uses you, you use him and his shareholders, and each of them would be u

ague that would be surrounded and drugged, you would

way in fear, the man had a demonic syrup from a demon, and that syringe had a shiny s

o participate...? -

e, they moved away as if the d

number of henchmen and gun, sent a warning letter toward

that, as was usual and customary, the bat always got away, s

, these were his new weapons, bombs of light that were machine guns with p

r all, nor did they care about the other warning that would attack Br

epeat the same thing, because you k

ng with all his might, he was leaving his co

thing at first, when at last he took it


ce of crime stormed Wayne Tower in the middle of a meeting, climbing ea

stage, they went in with everything destroying everything around them, t

with clothes lined with protection while toggle, machine guns, which th

killed around 10 security guards, before invading the 15 floors of that buildin

ooked full of confetti with an entrance throwing bom

taking place, the sound of machine guns firing was enough, in Bruce's opinion

light bombs and Bruce made his cue to run in the direction that other shareholders ran, Bruce ra

sing his communicator, at that hour, he mad

ow. - Bruce said. - That was

, there is no better time, this is the t

At that hour, anyone would

e other heroes did

lowns, he was cornered and chased, falling with a shot and a stunning daisy in his back

e to bring the grace of my presence and beautiful company. -

were led towards a corner of the 15th floor

ie, unless I change my min

Bruce said putting himself forward, stunned

give you, a new drug that will make you more susceptible to my dream

lly, as to what happened next, Bruce knew that nothing good would c

ething good would come out of there, none of that would come out less than suspicious of the

league, when do you not

he could with those henchmen, that he was disar

d by promises, and happiness did not come as they said it would, pressed when Joker ca

released him, hugged by Joker , Bruce was stunned, seconds and in the middle of two minutes

hoked would be the least, he spat, regurgitated and towards the clown who had his face covered

ars and nose filled with blood when his pants got wet, it was hemorrhaging anyway,

perman, breaking a wall, Bruce fell back, feeling his hea

m darkened, before consciousness caught him, he was caught by the arms of th

s fast as Superman can, took him towards Gotham hospit

what the substance was, Joker was taken

gue, he had already surrendered the joker henchmen , but there were o

could not say, who made the substance, since he himself h

w material known to man, at least currently, which was promised a crazy c

ic material, Bruce was intubated, he did not breathe and h

o was spending a few seasons in Gotham, Bruce Wayne was intubated, his lung, heart we

nnect to devices in order to be kept alive, looked l

nism, several organs were having massive hemorrhage, which needed to be kept c

ce league who heard the distress call but arriv

ncluding shareholders, businessmen and employees who were inside the

n biochemistry, who were one of the best specialists in b

do tests and research about the substance that would be

eus , his travel buddy kept him busy, away from any

nies and had a way of controlling Bruce's finances also kep

re somehow adapting and linking the cells and the deterioration of the

from the wh

stopped for five minutes each time, to be restarted, Ebr

ters and hoses, intubated and with food a

tance and he had barely figured out what it would do, its effec

ne or a serum, which left him hooked up to devices, without breathi

still in concentration camps, he was one of the few survivors of the N

now, he was dealing with the same substance, but due

tions, which would lead to the situation where he could

to supervise and stay in charge of the treatment, just like him, the man

e were only two people alive, who knew its real effects , and what would be its res

took him in a remote wing directly under his supervision

ying weeks of his life, because ev

ge chemical, that foreign body that, in case, Bruce would not be able to connect

stice league, entered secretly, without being aw

d Amasteus saw each of them, weepin

it, would leave everything prepared, for the right moment and d

y the effects that would last a certain time, everythin

d, until then, it seemed that it would actually die, d

not seen its symptoms, results and effects, yes, it could go wrong, but it

art paparazzi, knew that he entered the room, apparently with the help of an intern, or an

ng weeks, if the body didn't ada

rld for a while, Wayne's stock plummeted, which

enter, for which they were expelled

alized was used to kill or make an experience with a home m in the end,

ut it was what he was waiting for, when the compromised organs were adapting and

all the organs returned to normal, and he took off his breathing

chair, his name is Bruce Wayne, or Edward Parks? - He as

bed, his smile was ve

of a Jew, do you think you could hi

deliver it to m

n't give me up, that I used a fake

ng against Nazi experimen

er. - Bruce said. - Certain things have

er the Führer's hidin

ay or another.

d. - Bruce said. - I find a way to take it and share it wit

forgotten this? -

d where you could keep your experiments hidden and how to contin

interest in that? -

s and your skills. - Bruce said. -

ed in your capabili

nts could keep you s

that you spy on other Arkham interns, in ad

. - Let's make a drink for the beginning of a great new alliance

hat should be kept hidden and neit

ached, and kept hidden from the justice league, the next day, leav

ime after

ich he was just abusing and using the weakness of each of th

cuments, and secret locations that by other means

r weeks b

were plotting against him, which he decided to investigate, but there were other things more

es that they lost a bet to deliver the serum o

that direction when he was told

more precisely in Europe, he was walking through some hidden places, others of difficult access, betw

concentration camp, one of his Arkham asylum allies

al treatment, because of an outbreak he had, he was a doctor of

re when his family was murdered, having a 6

d a letter, of an alleged attack on Batman over a trap t

weeks be

our inves

ters, if the history of Auschwitz and other camps, under the direction

war, but few knew about ghost towns far off the radar,

hat does not exist and whose d

the projects that were hidden that th

ho cared for a patient, who had a conversation, which at

9-year-old man, who suffered from stress that survived Hitler's pressur

that were kept secret from justice, this traumatized man was p

as one of the Jews who were forced to work for Hit

e from a Jew and a German who, according to records, to various places for exp

rg Dupelgunger Fiodorentch , son of German

e was an anomaly, out of all anomalie

Ebraim. - Said Hitler, who

his soldiers who brought him

t he did not do it because he wanted to, he learned that he was th

s were not able to save them from extermi

d according to reports on the operating table, he was obliged, like others, like

to save them, but in a trap, in his escape, in the middle of one of

hrer, too, did not like traitors, in the middle of handing over his relatives, Batchen

stoivsky Petroviano , was one of the best scientis

e was the professor of anthropology of Adolf, and of Ebraim, it is known,

thing was true, he was left with the wealth of his whole

it impossible, due to the experiment by Ebraim and Wernhen , which ma

ried to convince him to ally with Hitler, and thus to save the remaining

ime, and the request for exile and the help of the Americans, they never manage

d an effect, when they couldn't go back, and wat

fiancée made him susceptible to suicide, th

t were not for the intervention of the Nazis, and the constant threats, second rec

h American government, almost at the end of the first wo

was forced to work or die, managed to resist, unti

rked directly so that they knew about it reported

that had been wounded, and for the advancement of racial ideology sup

of the abandoned coal tunnels, they were supposed to be t

hat the place was inhabited by ghosts, cursed old tourist fields and Viking ceme

away from the curious, due to the fragile structure that was not meant to be

work in secret fields, whereupon he had secret ser

they called disposables, which were entire Jewish we

ne Stadt , there were documents and papers, to which

mining camp, abandoned caves of ores and c

this, hidden and financed for the creation of an experim

ding next to abandoned coal mines, unlike the o

those closest to Hitler was there, n

tions, which simply, when he discovered, that this place was not

re tunnels that travelled between Denmark and Norway,

which were during occupations, they were not onl

e of collapses and tremors, their entrance was

n see that those places were so hidden that they supposedly could not be discove

as hidden, where he can only go towards Vienna, when the

ore filing rooms, there were tunnels of underground and old tracks that were there in that plac

to all Nazi prisoners, money was the weal

where he had hidden all the wealth of all t

that about a hypnosis session where, Bruce disguised him

session, where Bruce reminded him of the s

with all those riches, the gold in wagons, he would

ned coal mines between the mountains of Austria, which went beyond and after that country, going

plicated questions from a man who did not want to r