Chapter 1 - A Moment in Time Eternal Bat’s Best Plans And Bets Descending in Desire of Darkness

They are strange ruins, discovered in a construction of one of my laboratories. - He said, leading him towards the underground floor.

- I intend to show it to others. - Said Luthor.

Luthor said with interest. - It will be a great tourist development, a historical mystery.

- Why for me? Bruce asked.

- Wall something, like something you've seen. - Said Luthor.

- I intended to choose you as my partner, I would like to know what you discovered in some caves. - Said Luthor.

They walked down a narrow corridor, in its center there was a circular stone staircase, and in the center a long hole, which he saw a side entrance of corridors, and what would be a stalactite and stalagmite tip.

There was on his right, a huge image, it was that of a dragon, or bat...

Inscriptions carved everywhere, drawings made in rock and stones.

There was a large dragon, with scaly wings, and several other sculptures, depicting a battle of monsters on a rock.

What was in its center, there was a man, and around there were several monsters, and the human image looked like ...

- With you ... - Luthor said.

Showing a transformation into carved stone, the various monster shapes around.

- They worship a dragon. - Bruce said.

A man who transforms into a dragon, besides black smoke coming out of the center of the dark black hole looked like an abyss.

"Well," said Bruce. - Familiar.

- I heard about some ancient religions. - Said Luthor.

- Some old ones, venerated bats and dragons. - Said Luthor. – The resemblance is striking. - Said Luthor.

- You know, I heard that you've been getting involved with some people not human and not even mortal. - said Luthor.

- You found out? Bruce asked.

- I also have some circles of inhuman friendships. - Said Luthor.

- What do you want, Luthor? Bruce asked.

- I would like you to introduce me, and be my contact. - Said Luthor.

- If you introduce me to your friends ...? Bruce asked.

- All my pleasure. - Said Luthor. - I present mine, you present yours. - They said.

Then they both shook hands.

- He looks like you. - Said Luthor.

- This looks like an ancient religion, more precisely a cult. - Bruce said.

- Let's go. - Luthor said pulling the man with him.

They went up again .

After a few conversations, negotiations and phone exchanges ...

Some time later.

About that...

Elsewhere on the streets of Metropolises.

- I found an informant. - Said Lois, who received a message from one of the informants on the streets, with her came between the quays and the alleys of Gotham, to be kidnapped.

Bruce was following Lois, with cameras hidden between the streets, he picked up a camera in question, he was beeping.

A few minutes before.

As always, Lois was ignoring the fact that she was in danger, she was following an informant, at the Metropolis docks, when she entered an abandoned warehouse, being surprised and surrounded by Joker.

He cornered her, while the woman was surrounded by others of his henchmen.

- What do you think you're doing? Cried Lois.

- Causing chaos throughout the city. - One of the ones I caught. - Said Joker kidnapping Lois Lane, she was knocked out.

The woman woke up realizing that she was in a room, knowing that it was possibly an abandoned factory, tied with leather ropes , on a bed beside her was Iris West and Lucius Fox, Steve Trevor.

- You woke up. - Said Joker beside him, he wore a mask, and Punchline was beside him.

- You can not do that. - Said Lois.

- Sure I can. - Said Joker.

- Imagine what Superman will do. - Said Joker. - The Wonder Woman and the copy of Batman and Flash running drugged and killing one enemy after another, are all innocent, with each of them imagining that they are killing their enemies. - Said Joker.

– Just imagine what they will do to the world until the drug wears off.

- All of this is your fault. - Said Joker. – Because you couldn't stay home. - Said.

- You know the rules. - Lois said, trying unsuccessfully to loosen the leather rope.

- Yes. - Said Joker with a smile. - But I don't care. - Said. - Besides I made him kill you. - Said.

– He will become a killing machine, and everything around him will come with him.

- I left clues for them to come and kill each one of you. - Said Joker. - Thinking it's me. - Said the clown smiling, until he laughed.

"No." said Lois. - You can not. - He cried.

- Curse. - Said Steve. - Imagine. - That I put a bomb on your breasts. - Said Joker.

- When they arrived. - Said the clown.

- They will kill him and the cities will be destroyed one by one. - Said Joker.

- And we will have many innocent people killed. - Said Joker.

- When he kills each of you. - Said Joker. - I made it not just him, kill. - Said Joker

- How are you going to get them to kill us one by one? Asked Steve Trevor.

- Hallucinogens, and red kryptonite. - Said Joker. - In addition to fear gas. - Said Joker. – All in a prepared gas.

They received a message sent to all the newspapers; they saw that Lois was kidnapped.

There was a message from Joker on the screen.

- I'm counting the time, heroes. - Said Joker. - You have 2 hours to find me, and save your loves. - Said Joker, sending a kiss.

- If not, cities, there are bombs with a timer where I am, if they don’t arrive on time, I’ll blow up Metropolises, Star City, Central City and Gotham ...

- Curse. - They saw the footage showing Steve Trevor, Lois Lane, Lucius Fox and Superman flew skyward, stood still for several minutes listening to Lois' heart.

Wonder Woman was right behind Superman, almost in his direction.

- I got. - Said Superman, he activated the communicator in his ear. – I'm on the way, follow my coordinates. - Said.

- I'm almost on your heels, Superman. - Said Wonder Woman. - Wait for me. - She asked.

- There is no time. - Said Superman.

With super speed, he left a trail of blue and red, Wonder Woman was in his direction.

Superman came to a factory, he broke into the entrance.

- Damn you, Joker. - You are not going to kill her. - Shouted, he was ready to flee, seeing the man of steel being followed by Diana and Flash following shortly after,

Lois was desperate, as soon as she entered, he was knocked out by kryptonite, weakening, a gas appeared in front of him.

- No ... - No ... - Lois cried. - Kal, get out of here.

As it was late, Superman saw the Apocalypse in front of him.

- What did you do with Lois. - growled Superman.

Revelation ... - He was enraged. - I'm going to kill you, if you hurt Lois.

- Bombs will explode in all five cities. - Said Joker leaving the side of the wall, he was behind Superman with an oxygen mask.

Lois was crying.

Gases appeared and a red and green liquid dispersed through the air.

Diana arrived right behind, Damn Joker, she unsheathed her sword, and headed towards everyone there, ready to deliver a sword blow towards Steve, right behind was Flash who was hit by the hallucinogen, all ready to catch, or kill your executioners.

- What did you do with Iris, Twayne? - Asked Barry, and just behind came Batman.

- No son. - Said Lucius, they were all prepared, and Superman, ready to fly skyward.

- Who cares about rules. - Said Joker. – May the world explode.

It all happened at once, amid tears, crying, and then the man threw it, a green gas toward the ground, and then water and a wave of electroshock .

All of this, towards the ground, knocking everyone out there, including Superman, a blast of green kryptonite, towards Superman throwing them across the factory wall, all falling to the floor, unconscious.

- I care. - Bruce said, he was there around them, with a syringe.

- Like? – Tried Joker, immobilized, Bruce took an electroshock gun and hit the clown's chest, throwing him to the ground.

Bruce went to Lois, and untied it, then he took a pair of tweezers.

- He's in ... - She gasped.

- Silence, Lois, I know. - He said, using a scalpel, and piercing his chest, where there was a poorly contained tape, he used anesthesia, on the woman, taking the pump out, and then .

He went to a computer on the side and deactivated the bomb and the countdown, and the bomb.

Then he went towards each one, who was conscious and deactivated the timer, and took them out of them.

- Good. - Bruce said.

- How did you find me? Asked Lois, being untied.

- I put a tracker and a bug on you. - Bruce said.

- But....

- You haven't changed your blouse in a week, dear. - Bruce said. - Not even a bra. - Said.

- And how did you know he was doing this specific drug.

- I put a tracker on Joker too, he didn't change his shirt. - Bruce said.

– He didn't change the recipe and raw material or the formula of his drugs. - Well, that I listened to his whole plan. - Bruce said.

- Why did you let them get here? Asked Lois.

- I wanted to catch them at the same time, knock them out with my new weapon. - Bruce said.

They were leaving, hearing police sirens.

- When was that? Asked Lucius.

- I called the Metropolis police. - Bruce said.

- When did you call the police? - Steve asked.

- Coming here, I calculated the time, when they would come. - Bruce said.

They were walking, towards the street, when Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman appeared.

Well. - Superman said, he was stunned, Joker, not moving, but the clown got up unexpectedly, and threw a red gas at Superman, stunned staggering backwards.

He took Lois hostage and ran, with everyone there in pursuit, but in the middle of the street towards his car, he drove, but was stopped in the middle of the highway, they ended up a few meters towards the ruins discovered by Luthor.

Superman punched the car's engine, sinking in front of the fissure, in the middle of the street, when he stopped, throwing the car .

While the clown did not surrender, he left using Lois as a shield, a weapon towards the woman's back.

- Come on, there Superman.

Everyone went towards Joker, he was surrounded, laughing with blood, and a broken nose, around them, was Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash.

- You know. - Said the clown, - I know in a way that would be much better. - Said taking a bomb out of his pants. - Come on heroes. - He said. - I let Lois live and you kill Bruce, baby. - He said.

- Imagine. - Said Joker. - He sacrifices himself for Lois. - And while you kill him. - Laughing at breaking up.

Superman at that point had no restrictions, even Wonder Woman would miss his inhibitors, he still felt the effects of hallucinogens, but he remained standing.

- Come on heroes ... - But what he had done, it was stuffy, Superman didn't care about anything, there were no restrictions, he pushed Lois, throwing her, he took the clown in his hands, almost crushing them.

Lois trying to get up, she went towards Superman.

- Don't do this, you will regret it. - You tried Lois.

- Get out of here, Lois. - growled Superman, without waiting for Bruce at the last moment.

He had a stick in his hand, he threw a kryptonite powder or gas, Superman sucked it in, turning towards the gas, but he wasn't prepared for the stick, which electrocuted him and bent him to the ground, increasing the voltage with a light blinding him, making Superman bend and kneel.

Wonder Woman, they turned around. - She takes so much work. - Diana said, a little dizzy.

The other heroes arose around him, Green Arrow, J'onn the Martian, and Hal the Green Lantern.

They were making preparations, with a construct, he took the bomb towards the ground.

- Bruce, how long... - But he stopped in the middle of what he was going to say.

- You look so bad... - He fell stunned, kneeling on the floor, he saw the star sapphire arrive.

- You are well? - He asked with his hands on his shoulders.

He turned in his direction.

- You are a lot of work, and with a fist construct he unexpectedly threw a punch towards Sapphire, she fell to the floor.

d I will earn a buck. - He said.

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give us money

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ruce, the man dropped a smoke kryptonite bomb and an antidote towards e

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shouted. Falling o

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Bruce gasped, to which he hit his head towards several ends, and a sharp rock at the end

crooked perfection, entering the stomach between the vertebrae and the spine, and another,

just the top part piercing, it wasn't a puncture and a wound

nd then gasping for another blackout, he saw himself in a

took him towards that red river and his company, a beautiful andro

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what's the use ? -

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... - Br

now ? - B

there is more to the bet than w

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well... - Sai

you want?

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to bet with y

und him, they were Trigon, Lucifer, Mamon, Michael, Rafael, Azazel, N

do you all

bet. - Said Trigon

t what? Br

u be interested? -

ng to bet? Bruce asked, ap

is as follows.

h city in America will kill. - Sa

a hero will kill for each

stick to the quest

money. - Sa

hat? Bru

asked, he felt a headache, anger and resentme

money. - S

of money. -

ould be rich only in

addition to gree

ve of heroes succumb to the sins of

y won't. -

that so much, Bruce, be

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perfect for us.

mediator of the bets. - Said Trigon

elp you in anything, or just particip

f you don't accep

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a choice in the end. – Sai

it will be easy, lik

your opinion, others wi

whether you want to

one of the chosen

t are the bets

t, or you can prev

the bet on you

is as follows.

es of the bet.

m each city after two

s a person of his own free will he should kill an innocent person without sin, af

. - Said Trigon. - They are free

and 30 gold bars, for the first hero, if they kil

they don't kil

't get anything

t simple? B

simple. -

? Bruce asked. - What do I

t you prevented someone from

or may not go to my realms? Asked Tri

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's enough to brin

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o may come to kill. - Said Trigon. -

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there was a smoke and

visions began to drizzle, the ground shook, the weather was

the people who left and heard and saw Nekron himself and oth

he was taken towards his mans

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this bet. - Bruce said. -

have a story to t

es. - Said. - And we will tell

s among the oldest, the demons

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and witness to big bets, and it

nd the old stories told that she was the biggest gambler, but that her betting w

ach of the kingdoms of each demon that, when accepting the invitations, they should go to the

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piritual world at the back door, so to speak, but even that did not preve

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lis was the devil's gambling den, they

ger who were seated in what would be a room circulating between fog, white marble, pillars and white wells, th

n. - Said the crystalline voice in the middle of a river of sev

hat's the bet

let's stick to

l be my representative, you will oblig

only a few months or years from his death, he must be a war

ur avatars, and we will choose a representative, who w

nd with that, lost the faith in humanity, the one who fought

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- Said. - Summon him to a place tha

we did, the souls of all of them, will

everyone there, you will be able to use her tricks, but she wil

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t won't be worth it. - Said. - Because s

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ll give a value equivalent to the greed of f

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value... - Sai

thought and starte

uld be my contribution. - Said the red demon. –

lion euros. -

lion dollars.

abundance and prosp

a millionaire

ck. - Sai

the multiverse for one year round trip. - Said th

Said Phantom Stranger. -

g. - Said. Rafael. - Do not

f the multiverse in his life, he will be taken to me, a

will be taken away and will no longer be able to reincarnate or re

intimate sins and kill, during that time, all the inhabitants of t

ken to hell and divided e

s will be chosen?

tone, Gateway City, Coast City, Keystone

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trip. - B

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