Chapter 5 - A Moment in Time Eternal Bat’s Best Plans And Bets Descending in Desire of Darkness

Descend Of The Darkness

Getting up then, he put him on his feet.

- Batman. - Said going towards him and pulling him by the left shoulder. – Follow me.

Then Bruce the monitored while he was right in the throne room Darkseid , after being kissed and sucked, Darkseid ran his hands toward his chin.

When the new god, moments before, was sitting on his throne and just as he arrived , he saw Darkseid licking his lips and finally he stood up and pulled him towards him...

- You can leave. - He said towards a fury, who saw the two men, kissing.

Then Darksied the he grabbed by the throat , leading Batman and guided his front ...

Again, the new god spoke.

- I didn't believe you would actually show up. – Darkseid said .

- I gave my word. - Said Batman .

- I thought I wouldn't have the courage. - said Darkseid , he ran his hands on her ass and put in your pants ç the .

- Could you tell me your name? – Questioned the new god.

- Why...? - Questioned Batman.

- Yes. - Darkseid said .

- The man I'll have sex with. – Darkseid said .

- Bruce. - He said.

- Good. - Darkseid said . - Now. – Darkseid said .

- Because I will have sex with the man, not with that uniform. – Darkseid said .

Darkseid caught him hugging him around the waist, bending and arching him to his back, he was testing his hole, between his moans.

Darkseid tested his hole, Bruce in front of him, bending it, while the smaller man was panting, Batman jumped and squirmed while Darkseid put his hands inside his pants and tested his hole with his finger he gasped.

- I made a promise. – Said Batman unsteadily , he was pushed , and pulling, with an arm around his waist, and bending him there.

- But it's better for me. - Said the lord of Apokolips removing his hands from his pants.

- I realized that you are true to your word. - He said.

The new god growled, then he led him down the hall towards a huge room with a huge bed...

When, Batman gasped being led, the new god stopped in front of him , then he was pulled away. Darkseid kissed him again and sucked his lips...

When, realized that he must be the scared virgin there and then , he does , trembled when Darkseid pushed him towards the bed and forcing him with his legs apart...

"Wait a minute..." He tried. - But Darkseid covered his lips.

- No longer. – Darkseid said .

- No interruptions. - Darkseid growled .

- Do I take my clothes off? – He was bending down to take off his belt, but his hands were stopped by Darkseid ,

- Still. - He said pushing his hands away

- I'll do everything. - Said. – You just get it. - Said.

Darkseid pushed towards the bed, and started down the zipper and open your pants the , he took them at one time the there played in the middle of the room, away and pulled him by the arm toward the bed opening their legs and leaving him there.

Slowly taking off his clothes, leaving him without clothes, and not even the mask was left.

Bruce Wayne was completely naked then , he and they were taking his cloak and is ç ride my legs open by pushing up the center of the bed ...

- Watch. - Darkseid said pushing him towards the bed.

Darkseid stood up , and take your clothes, and starting with his pants, he opened its lime ç the withdrawing all parties and their armor and climbing into bed on top of it.

He kissed him, and began to rub against him...

Their cocks together rose and fell and caressed her body.

As he spread his legs , he began to rub their bodies together and put his fingers inside him...

Then Darkseid started groping him , rubbing his cocks together and sucking his nipples...

For him, it was better this way, it was better than on the floor of his computer center...

To her surprise , slowly in and out of him her fingers rubbed inside him testing his hole.

Sucking him and licking his neck, while amidst his gasps moans and sobs...

Keeping his legs wide apart and circling his finger in his hole so that he inserted it at the end, violating it feeling his hard cock , rubbing against his.

He screamed then, panting and he moaned… it was still big fingers.

- Please. – And then the new god was fucking him with his fingers, it was dry, pounding hard inside him , Bruce screamed, then the smaller man moaned when Darkseid held his legs trembling , when Bruce just wore his boots, cape, hood and the shirt guard raised.

Darkseid rose to his feet, stripping off his boots, gloves, and hood, then pushing him back toward the bed, amidst thrusting and finger-fucking him.

He heard and saw, Darkseid , making an appreciation and saying as he groped his thighs and thrust his fingers deeper inside him.

- Please. - Begged again.

Bruce started begging and moaning he wasn't sure whether pain or pleasure, but he tightened around the finger inside him and with difficulty.

- Wait… - When Bruce realized that the new god wouldn't wait, and with his finger start entering and inserting and massaging it. - Please. – He cried.

Then, when Darkseid fucked him, in the midst of which the new god thrust him, he was starting to enter and take out , it was a movement that didn't stop, he was constant, in the middle of each thrust, Bruce moaned , snorted and if squirmed and that's when he let go...

Darksied realized how much it tightened around his fingers, it was hot inside him, it made him more excited, apparently the new god was about to take Batman's virginity, apparently, he would be the first to enjoy that hot cave and tight.

- Virgin. - Darkseid spoke in confirmation and looked at his hole , moans and kisses of appreciation.

When Bruce realized the appreciation, the smaller man saw that Darkseid liked it, in his finding, to which he knew that either the man never had anal sex without penetration or he didn't want to , at that time, he was available and receptive to fingers, her screams, writhing and moaning.

And he did not know how to say and then , he pulled his face toward you with bright eyes and ready to drop omegas rays , he knew he was possibly ... virgin and licked his lips in anticipation.

When he growled in her direction and asked.

- Virgin, really, Batman? - Asked Darkseid .

- And... - Bruce gasped, he was scared the new god would really fuck him there?

Even now, what did he want to know if he was really a virgin?

- Answer. - Growled Darkseid who at that time grabbed his cock and squeezed it.

Then, with the thrusts into him, Bruce screamed, he felt the shock and he gasped at having his cock violently caught and said.

- Yes. - He said.

Between thrusts, with your fingers in and out of it, amid the in and out.

While Darkseid came to an abrupt halt, then the new god walked away from him kneeling between his legs , he looked towards the lord of Apokolips assessing him there after seconds or even minutes , Darksied growled and when he commanded in his direction.

"Stay there..." Then the new god walked away, standing up then, not giving time to respond, the new god got up from the bed and walked towards a closet, which wasn't a closet behind them, swinging his huge cock between her legs , hard and thick.

When the new god returned with a glass, not taking more than half a minute, he pushed him towards the mattress and forced him to lie down.

Then, when he again it was pulling n 's and lifted away quickly and his legs, and had the rest of his torn pants that were heaped on his heels and thrown somewhere ...

Darkseid was resolute authoritarian strong and domineering, he parted his legs decisively, his hands on his thighs, Bruce had his legs spread wide and Darkseid inserted the creamy finger inside him, and he felt something wet and cold and with a tremendous shock he jumped.

- Quiet, behave yourself. - Darkseid growled testing his walls, his fingers inside him, entering with abrupt stops, he tightened around Darkseid .

When Bruce lowered his head and saw Darkseid's belt pull out something wet and sticky.

- Take a deep breath, Batman. - Said Darkseid having sex with his fingers inside him and he was panting and moaning, it was still painful.

He was actually shaking with anticipation...

When, he felt Darkseid approaching him, and he opened his eyes and saw Darkseid kissing his face and for the first time , he made an appreciative noise and said.

– Calm down. - He said. – I'll make you okay. - He said.

- I will make your first time unforgettable so that you never forget and make your first time the best. – Darkseid said .

When Darksied licked him, the new god placed his hand on his chest as he fucked him with his fingers.

Then starting to stock in and out among his cries amid the s movements when he began to shove his fingers , he leaned against it and pushed and stuck to the bed , then the new god was going faster inserting one more finger inside it...

This situation was totally different from what he thought it was, from what he thought Darksied would do.

Bruce was realizing that against all odds, Darksied wasn't and wasn't being as violent as Bruce imagined it would be, it was tearing him apart, but it was more than just making love.

Darksied was lunging at him, slamming in and out of him, with strong attacks, but from a distance they weren't violent, blow after blow, between his screams and gasps, quick, deep hits.

- Breathe deeply. - Darkseid ordered lying on top of him and with his lips towards his ear a hand caressing his face and the other with fingers thrusting inside him was direct and constant...

Amidst the thrusts, Bruce found that the new god did not want to hurt him, Darkseid , to his amazement..., was kind.

- The first four times will be yours and the next four times will be mine. – Darkseid said .

- What? - Questioned without understanding.

It was at that time that he started to fuck him with wet fingers in and out, it was not nearly as sore as he thought it would be, even if your fingers were thick.

Bruce realized, that the new god seemed to know where to hit, thrusting into that special spot, he began to pant and moan, his screams louder and louder, Darkseid pressing the bed closer to him and squeezing and sucking his pinching nipples.

When, amidst the thrusts of legends, he moaned and screamed and while Darkseid lay on top of him half bent over and while he fucked him with his fingers, licking his earlobe.

He was hissing in his ear as he tried to thrash around and using his strength to keep him still there and pinned to the bed.

It was several minutes s thrusts with his fingers in and out, he did not want to see so moaning and needy, Bruce screamed, the smaller man felt Darkseid looking at him, as he took his chin and toward you.

- Hard.... - He said.

Amid the in and out of that finger inside him, Bruce realized , what he hadn't noticed before , he ran his fingertips across his groin and he really noticed...

It was that to his amazement his cock was really hard and he was back with his hands on the bed.

When Bruce was moaning and screaming, amidst the panting, and waves of constellations, around, from the sky, among the red sun of Apokolips , among the waves of light.

Bruce screamed amidst enjoying the moonlight of that planet, that which was the famous red sky of Apokolips , the lord of Apokolips lowered between his legs and went up sucking and kissing his lips, they were burning and succulent...

- He likes? - Asked unexpectedly amid the thrusts, he moaned increasingly louder .

Bruce screamed, the smaller man waved , a scream, amid the attacks inside him, slamming in and out, one scream followed by the others, being pushed towards the bed.

In screams of...

- Oh..., my god . - Between the thrusts, in and out of him, with attacks his screams and his moans, to his moans, he was going mad he knew it would be good, but not like this...

His cock got hard, and hearing Darkseid's obscenities in his ear...

When he glanced at each of his hands on him his fingers inside him and now there were three fingers inside him , scissorsing inside him, when there were two fingers thrusting into him, pounding in and out of him, with frantic attacks, pushing and pulling.

- You like this way...? - Asked amid faster thrusts on his tight ass ...

- Yes... - He felt ashamed in the midst of his moans...

The new god held him as if he weighed nothing, it was a pity in Darkseid's hands .

Amidst the thrusts, in and out, between his screams, when Bruce had his hard cock, which started to drip hard on a rock, his hard cock , he panted and babbled amidst the thrusts his loudest screams...

- Virgin hm ... - noted Darkseid . - Totally. – Darkseid said .

- You never masturbated? - Questioned Darkseid .

That was a weird question. – I was never curious. – Bruce said. - You are the first. – Bruce yelled then, knocking in and out of him.

Darkseid was stocking him, the new god was good twenty minutes fucking him with his fingers in and out there adding two more fingers like scissors...

Between thrusts in and out, and even after he screamed and came in her stomach between her screams and moans and his cock squirting into her abdomen and he wouldn't stop thrusting...

- If you're enjoying it. - Said Darkseid .

- Then. - He said. - Will you like this more?

Increasing the power of your attacks within it, Darkseid the fucked speed tesourando fingers in and out of it while the man below him was about to cum again.

Amid the pounding in and out, with deep thrusts amidst his screams, when he did his cock squirted into his stomach then when Bruce arched his back and he came across his stomach.

- First anal stimulation, Batman. – Darkseid said .

- It's good to know I'm the only one to suck. – Darkseid said .

iges of anal virginity. –

ler man on the bed, slamming and fucking him with his fingers, pushing in and out, between

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the thrusts, when amidst the blows in and out of him, the smaller

the same time the new god was sucking his cock, it felt like a powerful vibr

nbsp;mouth , he milked his cock sucking i

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;then the new god kissed him

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gasped, he could only scream

to her moans, Batman heard Darkseid's hard

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, still, even though Darksied had stretched

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ed that there was more lube on the tip and its length penetrated him, and he

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on the bed, and starting to slowly inserting his penis into it, ignoring his kicki

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 said . - You wil

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 was desperate again , when he couldn't

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cry, to break free, to be greeted by Darksied&nb

growled. – If not, it

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her ear. – Try to relax


 Darkseid growle

Darkseid growled . - Virgin

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atman? - Asked&

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, crying and gasping as in a period of ten minutes of slow beats, and even with the&nb

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nbsp;, he was moaning more in pain than pleasure

bsp;..., that it was painful, never&

out of in and out and slamming

e veins inside him and he felt Darkseid's pubi

til he hit a point where , Bruce screamed

point that made him scream, between a mixture of pain and pl

- He gave a little scre

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between their choked cries and crying, it felt good but sore, he fucked hi

rowled, he thrust, inside him, hitting that same spot, that

in and out of him, the semen without stopping to squirt like a high-pressure hose, squirting and

cock between beats, the veins around him, that hot, tight cavern

ce felt Darkseid's cum was a squirt, Bruce's cock and his wet groin,

was a high-pressure hose force, sticky, wet, and

his pelvis , in the midst of which he continued to fuck

cock, leaking amidst his thrusts into it, thrusting and hitting hard, thrusting t

u can scream at will. - Said. 

le, and each time more experimenting there where it made him scream l

rtable and strange feeling, a

bsp;said amid the movements in and out of him

out and the insistent and direct beat in his prostate , the new god went

eal, amidst Darkseid's blows&nb

sp;wasn't it just fast , when he re

was pumped with the same increasing speed as his thrusts in and out of him&nb

he squirt of his cock from ejaculating into Darkseid's h

they looked at each other as Darkseid fucke

imulation to come, he felt a strange sensation, Bruce panted, in t

k squirted non-stop, and again, he tightened around&nb

nderstand how the new god continued t

, he screamed, he himself ha

hot, he had flashes of pleasure, waves that ra

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ust because you came, I didn't break up wit

st orgasm of anal sex , among several others, after the ini

nbsp;Darkseid 's cock twitching and pulsing inside him and the hot h

ddle of the thrusts,

but it didn't burn, and it coated inside him over

nbsp;both strong squirts , while the new god was&nbs

lows, it still didn't get s

ing it? 

Yes. -

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;came amid the in and out ... Followed by Darkseid , although felt the sem

, Bruce again tightened tightening around Darkseid ,

, Darkseid fucked him fast

and gasping as he pushed

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topped ..., stroking his face , he felt Darkse

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had his legs spread wide and Dark

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and pushing down with everything , Darksied was beating in and out of him skin-to-skin slap

screaming in both pleasure and pain, but the new god poun

under him, the new god was faster, but he could manage , those jabs in and out, when&

d was going faster and faster, which was good, and he was literally being fucked there screwed

shing, thrusting in and out of him, it seemed that he coated his inside, pushin

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rusts. – Please… – He thrust hard and dee

sp;– Pleas and more p

st screaming and begging being held in place as he kicked out with

yelled, looking down thinking it was too

t he was sore, hitting a spot that made him sc

nd thrust, faster, right at that spot, which made him see stars, when a light b

bsp;Bruce returned, amidst the knock and return, when he woke up in his calculations h

atman? - Darkseid 

s. “I …” Bruce gasped amidst his blows, slam

bsp;those thrusts strong, deep and accurate&nbs

 abrupt halt in

rest ? - 


p;– Darkseid

d still, with the cock inside him pulling

ripping, so I want you to 

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It hu

nbsp;Darkseid said holding his waist in

p;came out of him,

e a load of semen, trickling and dripping from

er through that stretched hole, it was beautiful

? – He questio

 gasped. - I do not know. -

take you to eat som

g pushed and pulled and Darkseid slamming

moans, and gasping, with semen oozing from his thighs, Bruce looked down, and s

s and waist at his side, the smaller man limped towards a room, bo

o sit down. - Bruce said with h

bsp;– Darksei

try. – Dark

t, Bruce was hesitant sitting there, legs abe r tas,

ce said, his hole twitches&nb

bsp;– Dark

ape you ? - Qu

d to respond, the reminder of what

;you would do to me li

bsp;- Repeated&nb

e. – Bruce said


love to me.&nb

said Da

? - Bruc

good, must mean something.&nb

again, if it wasn't good. 

u do that...? 

sp;– Bruce said. – I allowed

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virgin. – Darkseid said , ru

at...? -

allow. - Said.

do more times with you .&

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..? - Br

d . – If it's worth it, there's room to

sp;Darkseid holding his hips and thighs,

sp;…" He gasped. “

e, but I didn't say anything about stopping yo

g, with Darkseid with his hands pumping his penis, he screamed and

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I encourage you. –&nb

p;- He said to&n

rkseid pulled him into his lap, his body and his back, he

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- He said, in the midst of

arkseid said . – It

e a break, he penetrated him

rusting in and out with the new god's penis, inserting itself inside him, somehow it was

asked, but it was too l

;fucking him, holding on to his hips, hard, slamming in and out,

pulls, beating alternating between quick, abrupt and languid stops , in the midd

st his screams, Bruce was fucked, with a new god pulling his neck, licking and biting him on his

up and down faster and faster, pushing and pulling 

zing her nipples amidst her screams, the pounding that marked him,

e thrusts in and out, while the new god strove to hit his prostate non-stop, c

nbsp;straight into his prostate with a faster up and down, frantic thrusts in and out,

legs. - Darkseid growled . - Like now, your ho

bsp;d growled then he kissed him amid the jostling and tapas of skin against skin, poundin

nbsp;, open, slapping skin to skin, and with one hand gripping the le

;Darkseid growled . 

waves of electricity coursing through his body,

ng sensations, both coming back and forth in less than ten minutes of thrusting inside him, tightening

virgin without any experience , he