Chapter 6 - A Moment in Time Eternal Bat’s Best Plans And Bets Descending in Desire of Darkness

- Tight. – He growled amidst the blows, quick thrusts, pushing and pulling, up and down, skin to skin slaps, his cock tightening in and out of that hole.

He screamed, with Darkseid guiding his hands beneath him massaging Darkseid's balls amidst his pushing and pulling from inside him.

- You're so tight. - Darkseid growled. – I'll leave you full of cum. - Said, amid the ups and downs.

It was more than a promise, it was a fact, the semen oozing amidst her screams.

- Please, not like this, please, one more time. - He begged. Bruce had his cock squirting into Darkseid's chest amidst all those shrill screams.

- God. - Bruce shouted, amidst his pleas, which came amidst the blows, Darkseid sucked his nipples, when all his pleas were ignored, when Darkseid hit that spot that made him meow, moan and scream.

He fucked him, pushing more than thirty minutes inside him, with his screams and moans.

The new god, pulling and pushing with the ups and downs of his pelvis, up and down with her screams and moans and gasps, sensation, of tears of pain and pleasure, amidst her thrusts inside him.

Until he stopped stocking him, Bruce screamed and gasped, he then passed out.

The dark knight woke up, less than ten minutes later, still with his penis inside him, already limp.

- Please. – Bruce pleaded.

- Ten minutes. - Begged. – Don't fuck me yet. - He asked.

- Let’s sit. – said Darkseid. – You can try to eat something. - Said.

- It hurts. – Bruce said.

- I know, it's your first time. - Said the new god.

Darkseid pulled him up and left him with a trickle of cum again on that cum-soaked pillow beside him.

The smaller man couldn't walk yet, the pillow damp and soggy beneath him, his hole spasming and contracting.

Bruce gasped. – How… – He felt…

- Empty. – Darkseid said.

- This will happen many times. – Darkseid said.

- How it feels? – Questioned the new god.

- You liked it? - He questioned.

Bruce blushed, and said after Darkseid pulled his face away.

- Answer. - Said the new god.

- It tastes good, but it hurts and it feels weird. - He said.

Bruce watched his groin and thighs, wet cock too, half-mast to his shame, he had semen dripping.

- I have experience in granting orgasms. - Darkseid said passing his hands on his half-masted penis.

- I don't have to worry about you thinking you won't come, because I managed to make you come. – Darkseid said, giving a little slap on that half-hard penis, Bruce gasped.

- Eat a little to get back to the room, so I can fuck you better. - He said.

Bruce started some granola, and grapes, he gasped, Darkseid wouldn't take his hands off his cock, dripping, he ate a banana, and stood there for a while, leaning back in his chair, Darkseid caressed him, and ran his finger between his legs. down there, he swiped his finger and pulled out the semen running down, and brought his finger to his mouth.

- Can you walk? – He questioned after a while.

- Yes. - He said.

- Then, let's go back. - Darkseid said pulling him from the chair with strands of semen running between his thighs.

He led him towards the bedroom, and ordered.

- On all fours with your ass up. - He said.

- Bruce did as he was told.

He lay with his head resting on the pillow, and barely sticking out his ass, Darkseid wasted no time, and thrust into him with a scream followed by another of thrusts.

- What a wonderful way to find out how to control you. – Darkseid said.

He slapped her ass with each thrust amidst her screams.

- Yes. - He said. - After a while when she realized that he had had an orgasm, his cock was wet at the tip and the sheets were damp under him.

Pushes, thrusts followed, fucking mid-cum wildly.

That's when Bruce realized he was still enjoying his head resting on the pillows looking down on him Darkseid kept his ass sticking up amidst his frantic thrusts...

- I'll show you what it's like to give in to my control. – Darkseid said.

- It's good, isn't it? – Darkseid said.

Bruce screamed amidst the blows, the slamming of Darksied's cock in and out of him, to punctuate that issue, the new god slapped his ass. – Answer me, Bruce. - The new god growled.

- Yes it's good. – Bruce yelled.

- You know, honey. – Darkseid said , while the new god thrust him, pounding in and out of him, without stopping to come inside that puckered hole, stretching, and pushing, holding onto his hips.

Darkseid was squeezing hard, speed increasing, between the smaller man's screams and gasps amidst his thrusts, and his thrusts hard, making him roll his eyes.

- Teach you what it's like to know what it's like to have someone inside you. – Darkseid said , between the thrusts, force of a speed of thrusts like a jackhammer, pushing hard in and out of him, slapping skin against skin, amidst his screams and gasps.

Amidst the frantic thrusts of skin-to-skin slapping, amidst the frantic thrusts without stopping the slapping of their bodies, pushing their cocks in and out, when Bruce choked , moaned, screamed, between the thrusts, when he gasped and choked.

- Say you like it. - Darkseid growled in the midst of his thrusts pushing all his length, his pelvis, slamming in and out, hard.

- It's good ... - He said , being pushed and pulled hard, hitting in and out with force . – It's really good. – Bruce said , shouting.

Semen ran down between his legs and thighs and the very semen that Darkseid had once come inside him.

The semen oozed out of him over and over, ran down between his thighs and had overflowed the sides of his hole, dripping onto the bed and the wet sucking noise of Darkseid's thrusts...

- Do you really think? – Darkseid said lowering towards him fully lying on top of him and kissing his face and lips towards his ear.

- And even? - Laughing as I kept banging in and out.

"Yes." He repeated choking and shaking amid the thrusts inside him.

The new god embraced him. – It's good to know you're enjoying it. - He said in the middle of the thrusts.

Then the new god kissed him and slapped inside him, lunges of skin slaps against skin of slapped blows.

- Good boy. - Darkseid said with his thrusts. - It's good you behave. - He said in strong and deep attacks...

At that moment, Batman saw Darkseid's balls slamming into his ass with smacking slaps and gasping amidst his moans and his inner walls tightening around the cock that moved in and out of his hole, he heard Darkseid's growls.

Darkseid was fucking him, amidst his screams, with Bruce on all fours penetrating him with speed opening his legs.

Amidst the slamming in and out attacks, the new god roared, as he was thrusting his cock, increasing the speed of the thrusts, he was fucking him almost violently.

Darkseid thrust in and out, he fucked him for his own satisfaction pushing and pulling holding his hips tightly, opening his legs wider and thrusting into the wet sucking noise, listening to his shrill cries amidst orgasm followed by the smaller man beneath him .

Darkseid was marking him and claiming him at that time and that's what he realized...

- God... - He moaned, screamed, while Darkseid. - Please. - Bruce was reduced to begging.

Panting, amidst bursts of light, constellations, blinding his vision.

- Yes , beg. – Darkseid said. – Discover your submission. - The new god spoke amid his moans and his growls.

- I really can't. – Bruce shouted amidst the thrusts. - I can not stand. – Shouted in the midst of hit and pull, pushing and pulling his cock in and out, with frantic thrusts with thrusts amidst his screams.

– I actually have plans for every member of the justice league. - He said in the midst of his screams and moans...

Between the frantic pounding, between the inward and outward thrusts, amidst his thrusts, he spoke very coherently.

- You now show me that my plans were incomplete. - He said.

- Looking at it from this angle, now, I think I should change my preparation, my plans and the way I left everything incomplete, now I think I should change the whole angle of my preparation, your real weak point is your curiosity and inexperience. - Darkseid said, still stocking him without stopping.

The smaller man realized through his screams the way Darkseid handled him, while Bruce lost control, he screamed amidst the quick, frantic thrusts, almost breaking him, almost not taking it, just barely.

- Now, I have big plans in store for you , I have to put into practice several experiments and tests that I will do on you how to proceed in the next step. – Darkseid said.

How coherent he was and planned while they had sex, Bruce had no idea, but he did comment and test where to hit him, with appreciative comments for every scream and moan.

Bruce had by now his own plans, what he'd let the new god do to him, in hours of sex, could be repeated and tested.

- I have ideas to do some experiments with you . – Darkseid said.

There was a blackout, Bruce panting amidst his screams and moans and the thrusts hard, deep and powerful.

Whatever Darkseid experienced, he didn't wait for Bruce to wake up to test it.

When, he realized that he had another blackout amidst the frantic thrusts and he returned less than five minutes later with Darkseid investing inside him, without stopping, between thrusts, with overwhelming blows, in and out, with force, never missing the blows hitting directly on your prostate.

The new god, the stocking pushed in and out of it with more force within him, and Bruce realized without want? R that tightened around Darkseid.

- It's good to have you back. - Darkseid said kissing him in the midst of his beats inside his tight hole.

Those blows in and out, while the new god gave him the fuck, to which he seriously fucked him pushing and pulling dice of everything hitting his prostate mercilessly with strength and will , the new god thrust him , reaching that point where he did it scream and see lights.

Without pausing in the midst of blows in and out in half by hitting your prostate, while both had m enjoyed without stopping, once again amid the assaults between their cries, gasps and grunts of Darkseid.

“I have plans for the Kryptonian, for the Amazon and for every member of the Justice League and for…” There came several lunges and lunges, incessantly amidst her screams.

- You... Batman. - He said. – I respect him. - He said . – I want more than a soldier. – Darkseid said.

- Seeing now, I must modify my action plan. – Completed the new god.

Darkseid thought he should change his plans, if with that, that was how he would change the man beneath him, between screams. - So... - Darkseid said.

At this hour, the new god needed to find a common interest, he thought.

Between thrusts, the nonstop pounding, skin-to-skin slapping, pushing and pulling amidst her screams.

- I want you under me, in my bed, more than a simple adviser. – The new god pounded in and out of him with frantic thrusts, non-stop thrusts, and his growls.

Between thrusts, the force of slapping slapping blows, and the thrusts, inside him, holding onto his hips, pushing and pulling, never missing a beat inside him, between his screams.

- Now, I think of other more effective methods of converting it. – Darkseid said.

Between her screams and moans, what Darkseid thought between the blows inside him.

- Glad you are receptive and available to my wishes. - Said Darkseid, who was hitting in and out of him, hard.

Amidst the pounding inside him, Darkseid, he heard his screams without ever stopping the pounding, he really respected him, but now he wanted something more...

- I realized I want more than respect. – Darkseid said , growled the new god amidst his blows inside him, pulling his waist, keeping him kneeling, arching his back.

- I want more than an ally, I think of a steady sex partner. – Darkseid said. – I've been alone for a long time. – Darkseid said.

- You belong to me, Batman, after today you will not be able to run away from me. - Darksied growled.

– It's no use running, trying to play hard to get, you hole, you all belong to me. - Growled the new god pulling his neck, and taking his lips, kissing and sucking.

The new god pulling him, between his escapes, to be pushed towards the ground, with blows inside him between his blows, between his thrusts, the ground was wet with semen, which Bruce squirted, amidst his blows and screams amid Darkseid's growls.

- I 'm not just sure, I just get everything I want. - Darkseid said pushing fully and increasing the amount of screams. – I have everything I want. – Darkseid said. – Including you and your body. - Darkseid growled fucking him hard.

It was the thrusts, in the midst of his other orgasm, he was copiously squirting on the floor and into Darkseid's hands.

- From now on. – Darkseid said. - You will belong to me completely every part of you. - Said the new god amidst the cries of Bruce .

Darkseid was pulling his neck , bending down almost hugging holding his cock in the middle of the thrusts , Bruce screamed and trying to release his lips, it was the lack of air.

- Air. - Bruce implored that in the next instant, in the midst of almost fainting without ever stopping beating inside him, in the midst of which Darksied hugged his waist, half bent, while Bruce lowered his head and saw his bulging belly.

When, he saw that it increased with each time the penis entered and decreased each time it left, he had his cock again erect and dripping, and it was big and pounded mercilessly reaching his prostate.

Bruce had it again, in the midst of another blackout, he had a blackout amidst the shock and a destruction of constellations and stars amidst the onslaughts, and minutes later he woke up.

When, again, Bruce woke up with Darkseid holding him while fucking him.

- Are you with me, Batman? – I ask Darkseid who was squeezing his thighs practically astride him.

Gasping moments later, with his face close to her face and not even coming out of it and even though he had passed out.

Finally, the smaller man said. - Yes. - He moaned between screams and gasps faster and faster.

When, Bruce nodded with Darkseid still inside him and holding him and pushing in and out of him.

The skin-to-skin slaps were loud, strong and overwhelming, with powerful and violent blows, the new god had no mercy, he was faster fucking him with a will , then the new god raised him kneeling in front of him holding his penis with force at its base and with your finger at its tip.

When, he fucked him faster, his screams were heard throughout the dome and the entire fortress, he heard Darkseid's growls in his ear and pinching his nipples...

Bruce lost his reason, his screams hysterical and shrill , that's when he started babbling and screaming and releasing his cock , then once again Darkseid came inside him .

At the same time , between the thrusts, in which he himself came, it was hot and sticky, filling his hole and dripping, hugging him, pulling his face and kissing....

The new god was taking his lips, he left it with him on his side on the bed, Darkseid behind him without ever taking it out of him...

Bruce was maddeningly screaming when, the new god, was thrusting into him, and Bruce was being hugged by Darkseid amid the fuck in and out of him.

While he just opened his legs pulling and holding up and inserting in and out and even though he pumped his cock at the same speed his hole oozed his cum from inside him.

Darkseid was destroying him, without even going soft, it was very hard inside him, and he thrust into him caressing his body while he was met with screams and moans.

When, Darkseid was hard and dripping and he ate him sucking his neck biting and licking and pulling his neck with lips invading his mouth...

When, Bruce screamed and enjoyed amid the thrusts and finally came once again tightening his inner walls around Darkseid's cock that invested inside him without stopping, when Darkseid after a few more strokes , he was pulsing inside him.

At what was a few hot spurts of semen milking himself and giving a few shallow strokes then the new god lowered his legs caressing his half-naked body and he was limp inside him as he kissed the back of his neck.

When Darkseid bit him, the new god sucked and squeezed his neck.

That's when, he least expected, they stood still and he moaned, snorting after coitus, when Bruce felt Darkseid running his hands wherever he could reach...

Bruce moaned, and when he regained his breath feeling Darkseid still inside him running his hands on his hips marked , until finally soft.

They just stood there, while Darkseid watched her moans stop, caressing him.

When Bruce stood there for a few minutes, he stood aside while I Darkseid was inside him.

When, he was silent...

Some time later, alternating between swimming between consciousness, and some time, he fell asleep...

Finally, when he was moaning, when he realized between his two naps there was still something inside him.

That's when he woke up watching Darkseid caress him for a few minutes and that's when he kissed his cheek.

amming into him, in the midst of laying aside, and lifting his leg, until he came again, then taki

together and to his surprise he slept and when he woke up he

ging him from behind, then he pu

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e how you get w

with speed, hard and dripping between screams, Darkseid made him come, with two spurts in a row between screams. ,

in his chair watching the man pan

doing what he wanted with him, semen oozing from hi

ts soaked, sweat dripp

uld recover, it was fifteen minutes later that was wh

k...? -

now. - Bruce

a bath. - H

y? -

tting inside you, semen

ot stand. 

not like it. 

 – Bruce said, he

o leave you like this.

er man, pulled him in, and carrying him, holding on to his waist,

room, he was taken to the bathroom and Darksei

to get the soap, but it w


nbsp;began to slowly soap&n

e you doing?&n

care of you.&n


uiet. –

istance, he was lowering his head towards the tile, he tried to support himself, letting out a scream,

 He hugged him mid-

eam, he thrust into him, thrusting his ass, he left him arching his back, when in the midst of his s

hot virgin. 

;- Questioned Darkseid with

uce yelled amid

e you happy. 

it was skin-to-skin slaps, tightening around Darkseid, he didn't stop hitting, until h

everal minutes and when he was stroking him and leaning him

le stretched, even though he was s

ned off the faucet and dried him off and carried h

ck to Gotham later

Yes. -

go to bed.&

th me tonight and the

kseid said. – I want to make the

tomorrow, you can l

god put him to bed

got hugged with Darkseid behind

o to sleep.&nbs

hugged by Darkeid his ass to

ce watched, he hesitated,

...? - Ques

of you...? - Ques

d on top of Darkseid, realizing how warm it was, curling his head into h

re hot... -

ther you...? -

. – Bruce said, the new god pulled h

me, good note.

ng down with the gourd on his chest, Bruce

was for the first time in his life that he'd

h he slept, but he woke up with the sove

t up, it's late.&nb

ned, panting,

other five minutes

seid was

spread his legs, and kneading his buttocks, he

 - He tried, but Darkseid wrapped his arms around hi

e you up. 

as afraid,

it. -

ss violated by me, I will deflower y

se wait. - H

d hard, the pain was intense, burning inside him, panting,

g kneaded, her strokes no more than ten loops to make him cr

de him see stars, he was hard, fast in th

 - Questioned Darkseid

es." He

or and fascination, he came, in the sheets with hi

g around DArkseid's cock with thrusts in

and out of him, betwe

arkseid's testicles slapping his buttock

ng my powerful fuck.&n

s. - He said between the thrusts, his scr

gasps, he boiled down to pleadin

rom discovering what it's like to have another man inside

nding, the constant attacks inside him, right into his prostat

eaming and pounding, made him come again, and tightening around Darkseid's cock between skin-t

his hole around Darkse

nd out of him, coming out after a few

got up and getting out of bed, in the midst of his last moans, he re

? - Asked the so

ter a while, and he

Yes. -

p;didn't know how he was sup

p;, he had se

ant to simply fuck him and take h

be you can wear.&nb

ds a closet, then leadi

ered , handing him a robe .&n

robe's bow, the new god caught it, holding it around his neck, albeit limping, with

the corridors, leading into a wide, winding corridor, when,&n

thes, for him to wear it, apparently, he

cupping his face and kissing his lips entering her mout

another room and guided him by

ble walking, he was wobbly

side, was led towards a hall

 leading him

ing the pain, both of them, for their own reasons, each watching stark nake

ng as he pulls the robe aside, revealing his big cock between h

ou later, then you w

et up, but Darksei

oing to serve. 

ruce took a while to feel his legs, and

ut food on his plate, Bruce getting seated, observing

evealing, his hard cock swinging around him as he walked across the table

that he was fucked, and B

d pancakes what he realized was that Darkseid researched human food and he ate pan

g him eat cheese and he spoke, in

in some data from my surv

 – Your invasions are ver

eived. –

d researching some data I've bee

ata from stories and resea

was data, you hacked my sy

. - Bruce

ou've been researching data from the anc

stroking her thigh,

arching each of my invasions of alter

ouldn't catch me in ti

way, or put off getting c

tract me, or run away.&

didn't notice? 

dn't get caught. –


esearch, squeaking one Good thing he didn't know what he was

the robe, revealing the huge stain of semen under it, running down the uphol

ss closer to the edge of the chair , Bruce ye

sit for long, he released a mo

He said, but he d

ferred Batman. - Darkse

eid stayed in his chair, lifting

said he felt his hole spasm, twitching around that s f

god laughing, was tapping his fingers inside him, pushing

nbsp;- I at least have to reward

o his mouth, screams and thuds, the thump directly i

thrusts, Darkseid pushed the robe aside, showing hi

approaching and kissing and sucking his cock wit

he should at least play hard to get, and not accept the simple mention of taking som

trying to find a better position, fingers fucking him, it was rea

mfortable, but he felt them contract and spasm… the semen, oozing

ing, pulling away and lowering his

th his hands on his shoulders pulling him closer and

liked you inside me. – Bruce said. – But it hurts, giv

it. - Laughing wh

ith a grimace... his hands reaching for him... And

ent, Bruce gasped

.. feel ...

p;- Darkseid said

oked, he spoke

too. –

after your first anal sex,

get how you lost your virgi

face, then the new god between his lips, he took h

d you. –

reward you. 

y. - He said running

to turn his face so his face was

hore. - Said

eived. –

arging for sex.&n

acted proves it.&nb

y important to let yourself be t

is pants Darkseid was a big man, stick


t let time take yo

t this chance pas

ng back and forth, Darkseid was st

as Darkseid talked, sh

ing the information yo

 – I'm not aski

eid said. - I want to be the on

information you wanted

you something you w

ourself to me.&nbs

nbsp;- Said. – You'll

my hands.&

ith my k

his hard cock out of his pants an

he without any ceremony , Darkseid took it in his hands, as if it wei

is way, there was nothing to stop him from fucking him, not a single item of clothing, his robe away,

as if he weighed nothing and coming down directly onto his cock with his weight, it wasn't too ha

ucked him up and down, his ha

hole around my cock. – Darkseid said.&n

ht with everything Darkseid had done to him, a

Darkseid fucked him there quietly and while he tightened around Darkseid's cock

lap from top to bottom, Bruce was coming less than five minutes later, in the middle of

ying him in his lap, he was walking around naked only

heard he

e you to my office, and you can stay there

ight. –

black robe covered his ass, open looking around him if it w

with the hands of the young man curled his arm around hi

d laid on his stomach, while Darkseid was si

r an hour with their comp

break, honey.&nbs

nd taking off his underwear, throwing them so

ing him to his chest, spreading his legs, and he got between


d set Bruce up in a sitting position with his ass held high towards the edge of th

this hole, to be well used

n kisses followed by the other, the new god was holding her legs, by the inne

ady. – But i

antic nonstop thrusts, slamming his testicles into his ass, barely c

aughing in his

r everything, darling. - S

ts deep, was c ada beat, every one of his moves in an

fulfillment in and out of him, and starting the movement in and out, in and o

st of being ignored, between the blows in and out making it imposs

pping and slapping his cock between her hole, and overflowi

om their frantic while pushing the beats inside and outside, with semen overflowin

new god feeling his hole contract and the rings around his cock, th

ntic thrusts , slapping his cock, barely pulling out, and

ep, overpowering blows, between her screams, gasps and gasps, w

the beats, in between her screams, holding on

g beneath the new god, with deep thrusts, amidst

topping, someone slammed the door, never stopping to fuck

naware that her lord an

een thrusts his screams in and out, Darkseid fucked him, a

Said the new god, approaching the new god wh

sp;- Questioned Dark

talk. - Said Dessade, between the screams and

our, he heard a moa

p;- Said the new god fu

r own order, but I make my own&n

m, while Dessade barely left, and soon someo

r man had a blackout amidst the waves of light an

in. - Darkseid said finis

ging his plans on a table with documents, Bruce saw that to his shame , semen dripping f

sitting, leaning with his head on the couch and with semen

contracted and throbbed, it was like a squirt from inside him, towards t

e entered the new god's office, Darkseid must have fucked him, in the middle of a mee

dgeting, though it was impossible to

sped, drawing the new god's

p;- Darkseid said gettin

ng towards the new god, who w

;– Darkseid said. - I'll make you

cock protruding towards him, read

the smaller man, following in his dire

tween her legs,

ucked, he had one arm under his ches

how, Darkseid knew where to thrust it, hitting it in place,

eling the bump from his testicles to his ass, Darks and i d

ound that huge cock, in and out of him, with a slap and a back, skin-to-skin

e with growls and his hot body on top of hers, blow after bl

 – Darkseid was laughing. – Now, I know you like it tha

stretched, until he gasped and screamed more, amidst the strong, deep thrusts,

hat blinded his vision, until he felt hi

m then, as Bruce squeezed around that huge

against skin, thrusts, increasingly, faster and more frantic, wet sucking noise, between t

und inside him, until they both came at the same time, unt

spilling down his sides amid his last

aressing him, sitti

;- Darkseid questioned kis

s a little. – He said, af

is pants and underwear, dressed, stood up, and he now,

ath. – Darkseid s