Chapter 3 - A Loveless Marriage With A Cold Hearted Billionaire



I was back from the business trip but I headed straight to the company to handle an issue before going to visit my dad and mom in the hospital.

Mom has been pestering me to see her immediately after I am back from the trip to discuss an important issue which has to do with my dad’s health because he’s still unconscious.

I just hope what she wants to tell me isn’t something serious.

I pulled to a stop at the company entrance and stepped out of the car to see Frank standing outside.

I got a call from him the moment I got down from the plane stating there was an emergency which was why I had to rush here.

“What’s the emergency all about?” I asked, walking over to meet him.

“Good morning sir. The shareholders have something important to discuss with you." He explained.

"Where are they?"

"They're in the conference room waiting for you."

"Let's make this really quick because I don't have time for all their constant demands." I grumbled and made my way inside and totally, ignoring the formal greetings from the staff.

We took the elevator to the eight floors where the conference room is located and in a short while, we arrived on the floor as we headed towards the door.

Frank opened the door for me as I stepped in and saw the seventeen of them seated on the round table and without wasting time, I walked over to my chair and took a seat as well.

"So, I heard there's an important discussion. What is it?" I uttered, staring at all their faces as an old man with gray hair seated beside me stood up.

"Welcome Mr Walton. On behalf of everyone here, we would like to apologize for informing you late on the new safety measures we took ever since the company information tried to get linked to a rival company.” He paused for a minute and continued.

“We planned on creating a contract with all the staff in order to keep them away from sharing the company details to anyone. We suggested the idea since someone made mention of that back then.”

How dare they try to bring strategies on how to handle my dad’s company? Just because someone else handled the company before me doesn’t give them the right to think I am like that person.

"I will make the decision who stays and who leaves and until then no one gets to sign any documents." I ordered as they all kept rumbling words at each other.

"If that's all, I would like to take my leave now." I added and got on my feet before strolling out with Frank.

If I knew they were going to talk about her, I wouldn't have made a move to even come in the first place. Bloody people! They sure know how to ruin someone’s mood.


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