Chapter 4 - A love to last

O U T O F habit, Falcon woke up as the sun began to rise through Freya's open window. He was used to being up early; he would often leave his house by six in the morning, filling his time with the things he was unable to do the night before. 8

For a moment, he had forgotten where he was and his mind reeled behind his closed eyelids as he tried to think of all the possible reasons as to why there was another body next to him. Of course, his inner argument died in a second when he opened his eyes and the memories of last night came back to him.5

Waking up with Freya in his arms was something like a miracle. Something he thought would never happen, but it had, and that was enough to send a strange sense of relief running through his veins. He turned his attention to the angel in his arms. She, of course, was still sleeping soundly as she most likely did every morning at this hour. Falcon didn't mind that she wasn't awake and entertaining him with her usual adorable quirks; he was quite content to study her features as she slept.

His eyes settled on a small scar residing at the beginning of her left eyebrow and the knowledge that she had been hurt badly enough to scar sometime in her life left a bitter taste in the back of his mouth and a frown etched across his features. He wanted to have been there, to have saved her from every little pain, every little discomfort.7

For the first time, Falcon noticed that she had a light dusting of freckles over her delicate nose; something so common, yet he found it impossibly endearing on her. His eyes continued their path down, leading down to a perfectly plump set of rosy lips that left Falcon tempted as he tried to contain himself. The clothes she wore didn't help in his situation as they left little to the imagination and Falcon had a very active one. 180

Tearing his eyes away from where they had unknowingly landed, a knock on the bedroom door alerted Falcon that time had slipped away and it was time to wake Freya up before finding a way to slip out unseen. He gently shook the small girl beside him, whispering in her ear as a way to lull her out of sleep. A small whine erupted from her pouting lips and instead of making a move to get up, Freya curled back up against Falcon's chest and continued her soft snores.

Falcon's expression melted at the sight of her little fists grasping his shirt, but he knew she would be mad if he allowed her to sleep in and be late, so after another moment, Falcon sat up, pulling Freya into his lap. "Freya," he cooed. "Come on, baby. You've got to wake up."

He rubbed soothing circles on her back as she whined again, stuffing her face into his chest. Unable to resist, Falcon pecked her nose lightly, smiling when she scrunched it up, finally gracing him with the view of her big brown eyes.

"Good morning, baby girl," he said softly. 28

Freya whined once again - obviously talking in the morning wasn't something she was fond of - and began to close her eyes. Falcon chuckled, lifting her up from his lap and setting her on her feet before she had a chance to fall back to sleep. "Nope," he grinned. "No more sleeping. Come on, angel, time to get ready."3

Just as Falcon began to shuffle her towards her closet, the door to her bedroom swung open, Falcon's heart stuttering as he debated between hiding Freya or himself. Freya, however, didn't seem concerned in the least as she smiled at the lady in the doorway. "Morning Kendra," she spoke, her slightly hoarse voice sending shivers down Falcon's smile, his grip on her waist tightening in response.4

Kendra smiled adoringly at the young girl before her eyes travelled over to Falcon, raising an eyebrow in question. A small smirk crept onto the maid's features as she planted a hand on her cocked hip. "Good morning to you too, my little flower," Kendra's smile grew. "Who's this?"12


It didn't bother the maid that Freya had obviously spent the night with the boy; she knew the little girl was far too shy and timid to ever do anything other than sleep.35

Freya's cheeks took on a red tinge as she played with Falcon's hand that rested on her stomach. "F-Falcon," she blushed.

"Well," Kendra said, eyes twinkling. "Will Falcon be staying for breakfast?" 3

The maid's eyes turned to Falcon in question. He hesitated; as much as he would love to stay with his girl, he was terrified of being caught. Not because Freya's father frightened him, but if Falcon wanted to get in the man's good graces in order to keep Freya in his life, being caught eating breakfast when he had so obviously slept over wasn't going to do him any favours. 1

Kendra seemed to catch on to his inner conflict and waved a dismissing hand. "She eats in here," the maid said. "I'll make sure you don't get caught." 71

Falcon's body relaxed, the smallest of smiles gracing his lips as he nodded to the woman in thanks. "I'll go get you a serving," Kendra bustled out of the room, leaving the two alone. 13

Falcon squeezed Freya's side, causing her to let out a squeal as she jumped away from him, slapping his arm. She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest as Falcon chuckled. 10

He tried to resist looking down, he really did, but when it came to his Freya, he didn't seem to have even half the self-control that he used to. Falcon bit his bottom lip softly, pulling Freya closer by her waist and burrowing his face in the crook of her neck. As if by instinct, he began pressing soft kisses to the hollow between her collarbone and shoulder.

Freya's hands clutched onto the material on Falcon's shoulders, her breath halting as the barely-there feel of his lips against her skin sent tingles down her spine. She squeaked when she felt his teeth scrape against her collarbone. 161

Falcon groaned, rubbing his nose up and down her neck as he let out a breath of air. "So fucking tempting," he whispered, his breath fanning over the sensitive skin of her neck. 22

Too caught up in the moment, Freya forgot to scold him for his language, focusing instead on the way he pressed one final kiss to her jaw before straightening up and staring down at her. She was sure her eyes looked as dazed as she felt because a smirk overtook Falcon's handsome features before he gave her a soft push towards her closet. "Go get dressed, baby girl," he chuckled. 11

Freya nodded absentmindedly, slowly making her way into her walk-in. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the fuzzy feeling she had and grabbed the first skirt she saw. She undressed, pulling on the high-waisted white skirt along with a tight, white and pink chequered cropped top. 93

By the time she had grabbed her pink converse and walked back into the room, Kendra was setting out breakfast on the table. Freya slipped into her seat, an excited grin spread across her face as she took in heavenly scented croissants and cut fruit. She bounced a little in her seat as Kendra passed her a plate, not wasting any time digging in as it was set in front of her. 6

Falcon exited the en suite, stopping short at the sight of the angel. He swallowed harshly as his eyes greedily took her in. If he thought his self-control was bad before, it was nothing compared to now. The short skirt only helped in making her legs look longer and her shirt - which barely counted as one - had a neckline that was low enough to send Falcon's blood pressure sky high. 86

Half of him wanted to ravish the innocent beauty before him, but his more possessive side was thinking about what would happen during the day. The stares, the gawking, the boys. Falcon flexed his fists, the thought of another male staring at what was his made his eyes darken as his pulse race in his ears.

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