Chapter 3 - A love to last

He had never had to work so hard to contain himself in his life.

"Happy?" he asked her with twinkling eyes.

Freya nodded, returning his grin as she wiggled excitedly in his lap. Falcon's smile dropped as he sucked in a breath, planting his hands either side of hips and holding her still. "Don't do that, angel," he gritted out, fighting down the tingling sensation that spread through his body like wildfire.227

Freya pouted, staring at his lips sadly. She looked down, guilt filling her chest. "I'm sorry," she mumbled quietly.11

Falcon cursed in his head, damning his instincts and his dick to hell. He pulled her closer to his chest, nuzzling his head into her hair as he sighed. "It's okay, baby girl," he said softly. "You didn't do anything wrong, I promise."50

Freya looked up at him with sad and hopeful eyes. "You sure?" she asked, her voice still softened with guilt.

Falcon let out a breathy laugh, a smile gracing his handsome features once again. "Positive," he mumbled into her hair.5

Freya's childish grin was back in seconds and she hopped off his lap as the bell for the end of lunch blared through the crowded cafeteria. It was only now that the couple realised that their little exchange hadn't gone unnoticed; in fact, it seemed the majority of the room were openly staring and whispering about the two as Falcon stood up, wrapping his arm around Freya's petite shoulders. 93

The girl timidly clutched herself closer to Falcon's larger form as the numerous eyes began to weigh down on her. Falcon was quick to catch on to her discomfort and glared at every face in the room, a snarl pulling up the corner of his mouth. "Mind your own fucking business," he growled, his voice filling the room as he ushered his shy princess through the large doors.53

Any emotion but happiness from the small girl - and perhaps some variations of the feeling - was something Falcon was beginning to abhor. He never wanted to see her without a smile lighting her delicate features - except in very specific situations, but even then, what she would feel would be the furthest thing from pain or sorrow.192

Falcon cleared his throat, blinking a few times as he tried to settle himself. She was innocent, and he had to remind himself of that fact whenever thoughts of her filled his head.31

Together, they walked into the only class that Falcon bothered to show up to, completely having to do with that fact that it was the only class he shared with the only person he cared about. Upon walking inside the classroom, Falcon was stopped by a friendly hand on his shoulder, the face of one of his old friends coming into view.7

It had been years since Falcon had last seen some of his old "gang," as they called it. They acted as if Falcon could slip right back into his place among the group but he knew better; Falcon had changed immensely over his time away. He wasn't the person they knew anymore.1

"Hey man," Jason - if Falcon's memory was correct - addressed him. "Why don't you come sit up the back with us?"

Jason's eyes flittered down to the girl under Falcon's heavy arm, a charming smile lighting his face. "You can bring your friend if you want," that word was enough to have Falcon's features settling into a stony expression, but what came after it made it hard to hold back his fist from being introduced to his smug face.

He winked. 130

Falcon's fist clenched. How the dumb fuck didn't realise Falcon's obvious claim over her was baffling.5

A gentle hand against his chest dragged his narrowed eyes away from the boy in front of him to the girl beside him. After witnessing one instance of it already, Freya had quickly caught on to the tell-tale signs that Falcon was ready to throw punches.

Murderous expression? Check. 17

Clenched fists? Check.

Tense body? Check. 9

And the one thing Freya found adorable; twitching nose. Also, a check. 128

Freya pushed down the giggle that threatened to erupt from her mouth.

With Falcon's attention successfully diverted to her, Freya snuggled into his warmth, wordlessly encouraging him to let it go. Little by little, his body relaxed. He returned his gaze to the boy in front of them, Jason's face had paled slightly, understanding filling his features.11

"Uh-y-your girl can join us," his wide eyes danced around the room, refusing to meet either of the couple's gazes. "I-if she wants."60

Falcon didn't grace him with an answer, knowing that anything coming out of his mouth at this point would be less than friendly. He simply grunted, steering Freya around the boy to what had become their seat. Freya felt a weird sense of giddiness inside her stomach as she sat down. She liked the effect she had on Falcon; an effect which she was pretty sure no one else had.9

Falcon grabbed her tiny hand in his, curling his arms around it before laying his head on top of the tangle of arms. He pressed a soft kiss to each of Freya's knuckles, her heartbeat doubling as he contentedly closed his eyes. Freya didn't hold back her grin as she stared at the man next to her. She was completely smitten with him and not a single part of her minded.34

Whether or not he wanted her in that way, she was his. 64

It was as simple as that.

F R E Y A H A D a feeling being dropped home by Falcon every day was going to become as natural as breathing. It had only been their second day of knowing each other and yet, Freya had automatically made her way towards the familiar shiny black bike after exiting the school doors.

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