Chapter 3 - A Love so Wrong.


"Okay! You guys are lucky! You'd meet Tony today. He's around here somewhere and said he wants to see me and all those crap of his." Lara announced as she walked towards us. She had excused herself to go to the restroom few minutes ago. I couldn't help but envy the way she walked with class and the way with which her caramel skin glowed.

The fact that Lara didn't even have to struggle with using the right body lotions, soap or even worry about acne or eczema was really amazing and worth envying. She had always used coconut oil since I knew her. She also used the oil on her Afro-thick hair too thus giving her the sweet coconut scent every time. Her hair was not too long, nor too short. Not too straight nor too curly, but what made me adore them was that they were so perfectly jet black. The shade was so dark with bright shines creating a great contrast. They were soft and silky. I could almost tell apart each strand.

It was so easy to tell that she loved these parts of herself as she was always showcasing them at the slightest opportunities. She had on a shiny silver tube dress that stopped just about three inches above her knees, and on her legs was one of her silver heels.

I suddenly felt self conscious and so I brought out my mirror and looked at my reflection, my blue eyes sparkled like the deep sea and my cheekbones were more exaggerated due to the makeup. I had curled my 20-inches blonde hair, such that they hung in more waves than curls. My white skin was brushed with makeup and blush to bring out the sharp structure on my bones and I wore a soft pink shade on my thin lips. And along my slim, slightly-curvy body is a black dress that reached my lower thighs, clutching my body in a way that was elegant but feminine. The top of the dress ran straight across my chest, then at the top of my waist it tightened to the curves. I had placed on a pair of simple black heels, that shone as a mirror in the white light.

We were having our girls night and we had planned to be sexy and crazy at it. We'd even paid for male strippers, well, Lara did. The five of us were seated in a VIP reserved part of the club area while some pot-bellied men kept throwing winks our way but what they got were glares.

"I'd rather do spongebob than do these old men that look as disgusting as hell. I don't care if they have billions, I mean, how do girls even do it?" Lara said while we laughed.

"It baffles me too though. You can see the young girls circling them already. I can bet that the one in the middle isn't even up to eighteen yet, I swear." Chioma, one of us added.

"Obviously. Fucking child abuse." I contributed.

"Well, they aren't forcing them, are they?" Lara countered.

"Doesn't make it right all the same. The adults should know better if they're truly that age." I said.

"Yea... whatever." Lara grunted.

Suddenly, the club music changed to Wizkid's Essence as Grace stood up hastily to shake her ass to the song. She was a die hard fan of the artist, no slander of him was allowed wherever she was else she'd take it up, you'd think he was her brother or something.

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