Chapter 2 - A Love so Wrong.


I fought the urge to scream as I watched a white girl butcher the man beneath her on the bed. She did it without remorse and got off him with a satisfied look afterwards. I almost puked at the sight of blood everywhere even though it was just a movie. How Lara was always so comfortable watching horror movies without flinching makes me sometimes conclude that she was such a witch.

"Can you just change this to some beautiful romcom or something? Why would anyone fancy watching people murder each other so gruesomely?" I finally let out while Lara huffed.

"I'm not going to watch two stupid people say the fakest and cheesiest shits about love to one another. I'd rather watch baby rhymes." Lara said as she went back to focus on the movie.

"Yes, baby girl! Time to get the other man too! Cut him into pieces if possible!" 

I was dumbfounded as she cheered the antagonist on with all her might. Lara was that one person who ends up rooting for the villains and antagonist of most movies and books. While everyone loves and cheers on the heros and main leads, Lara spites them instead. I mean how could you not like Captain America or love Thor? Who would hate Iron man and love Thanos instead? Just who? 

Lara is that who!

"I still can't believe that you let that idiot off without scratching his eyes out? The fool even had the nerve to eat the most expensive food and leave the bill for you to foot? Who does that? I swear I would have made him shit on that spot and have him eat it all up! He only did that kind of fucked up shit to you cos he knows that you're so soft and you'd do nothing about it. The more I talk about it, the more I want to go on with that revenge plan I had planned out." Lara blurted out with annoyance yet again.

Anyone who witnessed this would think she was the one that got dumped or cheated on. 

"That's why I keep telling you that this love blah blah is stupid. Life ain't all roses and shit! You gotta take it by it's horns! None of my boyfriends can try that shit with me. They dare not." 

"I just can't believe that he'd do that. I mean, I did everything for him. Went out of my comfort to make him happy only for him to say he couldn't marry me cos I'm white and slim? Am I supposed to cuss out God for making me this way?" 

"I hope you're not getting insecure cos of what a gorilla said about you. Imagine that one that looks like half chicken, half lizard telling a diva like you that you're too skinny. You can be such a dense girl sometimes, you know? Couldn't you just let him know that he's as ugly as a buffoon? See, all these peace talks will be cancelled at the end of it all cos I see no reason why we shouldn't go ahead with the revenge plan and crash that stupid wedding of his. I've even seen the wife, she's not all that! How men leave awesome and beautiful women for something I can't even describe still baffles me." Lara blabs on.

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