Chapter 5 - A Love so Wrong.


"I really don't get it! What exactly is your problem man? Do you think we'd leave our own house and come to a wedding we weren't invited to?" Lara almost screamed at the hefty man who looked like he was born and bred in a gym. His biceps were too big to be real.

"Well, you look like you want to have a taste of classy meals." He replied rudely, displaying an unattractive smirk.

"Do we look hungry to you? What kind of embarrassment is this for fuck's sake?" Lara snapped.

"If only you hadn't forgotten the invitation cards, we wouldn't be going through this right now, you know? Told you this might be a strictly-by-invitation one." I whispered loudly to her while she rolled her eyes.

"What's the big deal? We are the bride's friends, she invited us, we forgot the invites, so? Can't we just be allowed in? What's the whole fuss about by the way, just because it's an expensive wedding?" Lara fussed as she stomped her foot like a kid that was being deprived of candy.

"I think we should just leave." I said as I proceeded to drag Lara by her left arm before a screechy voice stopped me.

"Uh! Beth! Is that really you? O-M-G! I can't believe this! Wait, Lara too?" The voice exclaimed as we both turned towards her.

It was Vivian, one of our high school classmates. We never really got along with each-other but she liked to act like we were friends nevertheless, it's no surprise that it was still the same.

"Hey! Vivian! It's being a long time, look at you! So chubby and fine!" I returned the energy as we hugged.

Lara did the same.

"I know right? That's what giving birth does to you. I like it though! Why are you guys not going in?"

"Is it not this nuisance that has refused to let us in, saying that we probably don't even know the couples and are just here to eat free classy food, can you even imagine that?" Lara rushes out, still angry about the issue.

"We forgot our invites and so he's just doing his job." I added, glaring at Lara.

"As if! How can the amazing Beth and Lara be denied entry into their other friend's wedding? That makes absolutely no sense. You girls were the best trio back in High school! Jack! We know them, so let them in." She instructed the man who just nodded, feeling a little embarrassed.

"See your life? I don't blame you, when you bear the same name with dogs, how won't you behave like one..." Lara started to say as I quickly dragged her into the wedding hall before she caused more scene but then I still caught her looking back and sticking her tongue at the hefty man.

I shook my head as I smiled. Typical Lara.

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