Chapter 6 - A Love so Wrong.


I was born beautiful, African goddess kind of beautiful, people dotted on me. My mom especially loved my huge puffy afro that stood out in the crowd and my mahogany skin tone that seemed to shine no matter the weather. As a kid, she would style my hair into puff, braids and other cute styles that always gave me a new look each week.

As at the age of five, I already knew what prowess I possessed and how looks were prioritized in the society. I would watch as adults complimented me and ignored the average looking one in the room. As I grew up, kids my age would share their toys with me and desperately want to play with me. Anything at all to be my friend, at the tender age of five, I already knew that beauty came with perks and power. It gave me an edge over other girls my age, it made things that were hard for them very easy for me, making friends, gaining popularity and having connections.

My parents weren't rich in any way, neither were they all that poor, but they dotted on me as much as they both could. Although, my mom was known to always go too far at times. She never cared about my brains or anything like smartness, she cared about my physical appearance and prioritized it way above all that, she would always say that my looks will be able to carry me to where smarts couldn't so I never focused on studies as a student.

I was fourteen when I met my bestfriend, my parents had just moved to a new state and it was my first day at my new high school. The hallways seemed busier, the students seemed less friendly and, the teachers didn't seem to care that I didn't know my way around. Finally, the lunch bell rang and I was freed from the history class I was unable to understand. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and picked up my map, determined to find the cafeteria without help. Big football players raced past me in an effort to get their lunch first and cliques of cheerleaders clotted the stairs. As I walked into the lunchroom alone, looking desperately for an empty table, a girl tapped my shoulder. "You look lonely," she smiled at me, a bright smile that made my day a thousand times better. "Would you like to eat with me?"

That girl was Elizabeth. She dragged me to the center of the cafeteria and we sat to eat while she started to ask me so many questions about myself. Weeks after, I had gained popularity due to my fashion sense and beauty. We had a lot of girls who followed us around claiming to be our friends and soon enough, I was the queen bee and yes, the kind of queen that was quite mean, sassy, proud and egoistic.

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