Chapter 3 - A Heartthrob Dweeb Book I

Alex's PoV

Today is the worst! Think of it, I was peacefully eating when someone ruin my mood because of a student who thrown his leftover noodles to my uniform.


I'm at canteen right now eating when suddenly my phone rang.


I get my phone from my pocket and look who's calling, it was my Mother.

"Hello, Mom?" I greeted at her.

"Oh sweetie, are you okay there? Is your studying fine?" she worriedly ask

"Mooomm... I'm fine, very fine. Also people here are hospitable and very kind," I answered for her not to worry.

"Oh really? That's good to hear my sweetie. Anyway if ever you wanted anything just call me or just leave some messages, okay?" she instructed.

"Yes Ma! I'll follow everything what you said," I tendirizely said.

"Oh that's good.. I'll end this call. I love you sweetie," she said.

"Yes Mom. I love you too," I replied and she ended the call.

I was going to drink water when...

"What the! What have you done to my uniform!?" I ask infuriated.

"A-ahh I didn't mean to, I'm sorry I didn't mean to throw it to your uniform. It's just that I'm out of balance," he stated at me but my expression didn't change.

"You're out of balance?! Ha!? And what? I'll believe what you stated?" I said and then I grabbed his collar and he'd let go what he's holding earlier.

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stinks. Earlier our supervisor announced us that we don't have teacher this subject. I'm heading now to the library to study a bit about english subject. I'll work hard this year since I don't want to happen

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