Chapter 4 - A Heartthrob Dweeb Book I

"Next Krist!?" she ask out loud.

"I don't know either ma'am," Krist answered in stoops. I can see that the fear on everyone is obvious on their face as well as me.

"Myghad this students!?" she shouted angrily.

"Okay last!? Alex!?" when I heard my name everything went silent and I can only hear my heart beating.

"ALEX!?!" she shouted again and that when my consciousness back because of her annoying voice.

"Five....! Four...! Three...! Two....!..," the teacher counted and that's when I stood up.

"M-ma'am.. T... The Portrait of a Lady(?)" I doubtly answered since that's what I remembered I read earlier. I closed my eyes when I answered and everyone went quiet, that's why I open my eyes. That scared and fierce face is changed into smiley face.

"Okay! Very good.. now sit down all of you," she said and then she continued discussing. The class ended with a relief of sigh. I'm currently walking through the locker room when someone bump into me. The book he carried fall into the ground and I quickly help him to pick it. I stop in a couple of seconds when I realize he's familiar. He's the guy earlier, the one who mess my uniform. I don't what am I thinking but I was staring at his face, he's more attractive when you're near at him. After awhile I noticed that his expression was kinda mad, and then I stood up and give his books that I picked. He stood up and took his book. He turned his back on me and start walking without thanking me. I don't know what am I thinking, I think that I'm the one who bumped at her but why I need a thank from him?

"Is there any available words from your mouth which is thanks?" I ask emphasizing the word thanks and I was surprised because of my question.

"Heh!" he just said and then he confronted me.

"Thank you!" he said sarcastically and compellably.

"No problem!" I said sarcastically and then he turned his back. I went to my locker since I don't want to get locked up in this school.

Tar's PoV

I'm still mad at that guy earlier! I admit that I'm the one who lost my balance and I'm the one too who bumped at him since I didn't watch where I am going.

"Hey Mel! It's time for dinner!" I called my sister who's in the TV room but she didn't reply me.

"Mel! We're going to eat now!" I annoyingly shouted at her.

"Mel! What the goddamn ear is that!? You're making the food wait!" I'm really annoyed now.

"Y-yes! N-nii-san, what is it?" she said in uneasiness.

"Did you hear me calling you? I was calling you many times but you didn't respond at all!" I annoyingly shouted.

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