Chapter 4 - A gift from las vegas


I heard the front door open before Charlie turned on the light, finding me shrunken on the couch.

"Sam, you're still awake! " she exclaimed with concern.

I took my phone, noting it was after 2:00 in the morning. I lay here waiting for Theon to return the call and I didn't even notice the passage of time.

"I think I got some sleep," I sat down.

"What happened? Why are you here?”

"I called him ," I explained, feeling my face warm.

" Oh, I understand," she sat next to me.

I've been running away from that connection ever since I found out about the pregnancy. The girls were trying to convince me to call Theon since my appointment last week, but I always lost my nerve at the last moment, and today, reviewing the ultrasound photos, I decided to try.

“How did he react? " she held my hand.

"The way you expected, I think," I shrugged, looked away," first he thought I was joking, then he said he needed some time, and he'd call me later, and he didn't call me anymore.

"Do you think that's a bad sign? " she observed me.

"I don't know," I admitted, "I found out a fortnight ago, and I'm still freaking out a little bit, I wouldn't judge him for dancing naked in the snow or anything.

Charlie laughed beside me, and I couldn't help but join her.

"From what you've told him, it would be a good sight," Charlie teased me.

"No, it would be an incredible sight," I laughed, feeling a little better.

It wasn't so bad, your reaction was better than I expected. Maybe he'll call me tomorrow. Or later.

"Well, it can't be easy to get this news over the phone," Charlie indicated that I'd lie on his legs.

"No, you mustn't," I sighed.

She started messing with my hair, offering me a little comfort.

"He said it won't go away," I commented staring into the void.

"That's good, at least it's responsible.

"He's older, I think that influences," I explained.

"It's going to be all right, Sam," she declared, "you'll take care of it. I know you will.

"I hope you're right. I just remember the sound of the baby's heart and the fact that there's someone who depends on me now —I turned my face to face it—I don't know him and I can't say I feel all maternal right now, but I want him to be okay.

Charlie gently pushed me so I could get up.

"And he'll be fine, especially after his mother's a little sleep," she instructed me, "Come on Samantha, it's late. He's not going to call today.

I accepted your suggestion, going to the room deciding to rest. I woke up almost at lunchtime the next day, feeling like my stomach was being corroded by acid. I needed to eat something urgent.

I went to the kitchen after brushing my teeth, where Charlie was preparing our breakfast, had some eggs and strips of Bacon scattered all over the countertop.

"Are you feeling better? " my friend smiled as she watched me approach.

"I'll feel better as soon as I eat something—I sighed, watching everything that was scattered there.

I loved all those things, I always did. But today I couldn't even look at Bacon.

"Do you want something else? — she asked worried ly as I felt my stomach turn.

"I don't know, maybe fried chicken? "I scoffed at watching my friend keep the bacon when the intercom rang—Are you expecting someone?

"No," she walked to the device while I picked up a cookie in a jar on the counter - Who is it?

" Uh... Theon. Is Samantha there? — the voice went off the other side causing me to choke on the cookie.

"What's he doing here? "I whispered to Charlie that he would cast a confused look at me.

"I don't know! Should I let you in? — she whispered back.

"I'm not dressed! "I returned, pointing to the old, long regatta that I wore as pajamas.

"What do I say then?

"Excuse me, miss," an unknown voice has softened, "if you keep pushing the button we hear everything. Samantha, I'm sure my cousin has seen you... There...

"Samantha, can we talk? "Theon asked for a little panting".

"She'll come down," Charlie decided in my place.

I ran into the room, trying to get ready as quickly as possible, while Theon was waiting for me at the entrance. Did he really travel so many miles to talk to me?

I put on black knit pants and a moose blouse, fastened my hair in a ponytail and rushed out, wearing a sneaker on the way. It didn't take me long to get to the concierge, where Theon and another boy were waiting for me.

"Hi," I changed my gaze between the two, a little out of place.

I didn't know how to act near him, and he seemed to be suffering from the same evil, as he watched me with both hands in his pocket. We didn't even look like the same people from weeks ago, who couldn't keep their hands off each other whenever they were in the same environment.

His look lingered a little on my face before coming down and settling on my belly. It was your friend who prevented the situation from getting even more uncomfortable.

"Hi Samantha, I'm Gregor Evangelous, Theon's cousin. It's a pleasure to meet you—He reached out, squeezing mine with kindness.

"It's a pleasure, you're the one who got married? " I smiled politely.

"Exactly, and as the child was conceived because of me, if it is a boy, it must be called Gregor—He blinked, causing my face to warm.

"Gregor I call you when i'm done, you can crawl into any casino you find until then— Theon muttered, seeming annoyed by his cousin's prank.

"And so he kicks me out. It's been a pleasure, Samantha. Congratulations on the baby — He waved before walking away.

I sighed, looking around without knowing how to act.

"Do you know any restaurant nearby? "He questioned, breaking the silence.

"Yes, there's one on the next block.

We walked side by side without saying anything. I was thinking about how I could start that conversation, but I had no idea what to say. As soon as we arrived, we settled into a table, choosing what to order on the menu and taking advantage of that moment to gather all the courage needed for what would come next.

"Have you decided what you're going to order? "A young waiter broke the awkward silence that settled between the two of us.

" Samantha?

"I don't know," I suspected alternating my gaze between salmon and a steak with vegetables, "I don't know what I want.

"Nothing caught your eye? - he frowned.

"In fact, I'm in doubt between the salmon and the steak," I explained, feeling my face blush.

Since when have I lost the ability to choose between two simple dishes!?

"We want a salmon and two steaks," he decided, delivering the menu to the waiter-- and two orange juices to drink?

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