Chapter 5 - A gift from las vegas


A relief came over me as I heard Sam's answer, it gave me a light at the end of the whole situation. It wouldn't be easy, but we could make it work. For the sake of that child, we would make it work.

" Thank you so much," I sighed, hugging her.

" It was nothing," she assured me, looking a little embarrassed.

" Come on, you better get out of this sun," I stood up, helping her out.

Samantha smiled, walking beside me with a calmer expression. I let my mind wander for a moment to the day before, when I didn't know everything that awaited me. I had been happy with Harper, And now I don't even know what awaits me from this point on.

Will she take it well? How can I tell her something like this? And my family, what will they think of all this?

" Well, how will all this work out? " Samantha's voice brought me back from my reverie, as we approached her apartment.

" What do you mean?”

" What is your city like? When can I move, where will I live? " she explained.

" Ahh yes," I frowned.

We still had a lot to organize, but she looked exhausted.

" And then? " she looked at me suspiciously.

" Why don't you get some rest now and we can settle all this over dinner? " I proposed, "I need to find Gregor to get a hotel room for the night, but we can talk later.”

Samantha pondered this for a few moments before answering.

" Is your cousin coming too? " she looked at me.

" Do you want him to come?

" I don't know, I think it would be good to meet someone from the city. If that's not a problem for you.”

" No, no problem at all," I assured her, "if that's what you want.”

" Okay, then I'll see you later," she smiled before entering the building.

It wasn't the sexy smile I had known before, this one was loaded with relief. Samantha was a beautiful woman, in fact, she was much more than that. She was the kind of woman who would make any man get down on his knees at her feet to fulfill her desires for a simple smile.

Her voice, her looks, her body, her face, her hair... Everything seemed ready for the temptation of all the mortals who stood in her way. She exuded sensuality, and this is what attracted me to her from the beginning. But at this moment, stripped of all her haze of sensuality, she still retained that stunning beauty, but also exuded all the insecurity of a frightened child, and I think I might be the same way.

I watched her disappear into the building as she bounced up the stairs, and walked back as soon as she disappeared upstairs, grabbing my cell phone and calling Gregor. I needed to find him and get everything sorted out by dinner.

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