Chapter 5 - a fiery girl will born this way

She didn’t know how long it had passed, but sensed a sharp hot pain in the fingers skinned by the rope.

Jiang Jun, An Hua and the man with the cap were all standing beside Jiang Youyou and laughing with cruel ridicule.

She might be killed by them. Her bright future, and her happy life would be ruined by a college mate of hers whom she rashly trusted. She hadn’t got married and enjoyed the taste of being loved by someone. She hadn’t given birth to a child and would have no opportunity to become a mother. Fang Ruxiang must hope to see her live a very happy life and often go back to see her. And Li Le the blind, previously couldn’t see what she looked like, and now he even couldn’t hear her!

The moment when Jiang Jun waved his hand, the two men with caps walked toward her. They were so confident, so complacent and despised their prey so much, like two hunting dogs looking at a rabbit.

Jiang Youyou suddenly felt her blood rushing to her head. Her angry look made the two who were coming over a little stunned.

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