Chapter 6 - a fiery girl will born this way

Running wildly for hours at that night was the most horrible thing that Jiang Youyou would never forget in her life. Wherever she arrived she could be aware of someone chasing after her, maybe one of the gangsters of the pyramid marketing group, or a policeman, or An Hua.

The area behind the railway station was very dark. The dark area made one feel safe. There were a lot of fleabags in the region and Jiang Youyou searched out one with exceptionally dim light and rushed into the washroom in the corridor, washed face in the mirror, until the bloodstains faded away.

“How much for one night?” When she came out of the washroom, Jiang Youyou spoke with trembling voice, but she forced herself to calm down.

“Fifty yuan if you have the ID card, sixty without it. There are also rooms priced at thirty yuan, without washroom. The washroom is on corridor.” The woman sitting at the front desk eating watermelon was middle-aged, in a thin white shirt, through which her luffa-like breasts were vaguely visible. She even didn’t lift her eyelids when she spoke.

“I’d like a room for thirty yuan.” Jiang Youyou’s ID card was taken by An Hua. It was impossible to go back for it, and now the thing she was most eagerly to do was taking a bath.

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