Chapter 3 - A Farewell to Mr. Luo

Xia Weiwei fixed her eyes on Xia Mo, before whom she had to pull herself together!

"Why are you here?"

Xia Mo wiped the blood off her finger casually.

"Since you have been in a coma for more than two weeks, I really hoped that you could wake up earlier, for there is something I want to tell you."

"I have nothing to say to you!"

Without the oxygen mask, Xia Weiwei exerted herself to utter the words dizzily. Since she knew Xia Mo would wish for her immediate death, she must remain calm after hearing whatever Xia Mo would tell her later.

"Don't you want to know what happened to my late nephew after his body was taken away?"

Shuddering when Xia Mo mentioned her baby, Xia Weiwei kept telling herself to calm down.

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