Chapter 4 - A Farewell to Mr. Luo


A slap suddenly fell hard on the face of Xia Mo, and the loud noise indicated the tremendous strength. It hit her so hard that her head turned sideways.

"Yan Shaoxuan?!"

Xia Mo, covering her face reddened from the force, looked at the newcomer with hatred in her eyes.

Yan Shaoxuan didn't even look at her, but went directly to Xia Weiwei, who was struggling and somehow in delirium. He held her tightly, trying to stop her life-threatening behavior.

"Weiwei, calm down! Weiwei! "

Xia Weiwei seemed unfamiliar with Yan Shaoxuan. Xia Mo's blow on her was so deadly that led to her abnormal behaviour, made her shout and hiss recklessly, and her hands and feet incessantly going at Yan Shaoxuan.

Yan Shaoxuan was distressed and worried at the same time. He knew that Xia Weiwei would lose her mind if she went on like this. He had to press Xia Weiwei's half-curled body down in a tight hug when he coaxed her gently.

"Weiwei, darling, it's alright. I'm Shaoxuan. I'm here and you'll be fine. I won't allow anyone to hurt you again. Have you forgotten your promise to aunt Yan? No matter what happens, you have to be strong."

Bai Yan, Xia Weiwei's mother, was badly sapped with her vitality after she had given birth to Xia Mo and was unable to get out of bed or walk. She was hospitalized till her death two years ago.

Yan Shaoxuan knew more than anyone else how important her mother was in Xia Weiwei's heart. As expected, Xia Weiwei gradually ceased struggling, just like a string puppet which suddenly lost her soul and fell into a dead calm.

"Ha ha, Mr. Yan is really affectionate. No wonder my elder sister could have cheated on Jue and given birth to a bastard!"

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