Chapter 3 - A Deal With The Billionaire


THEME: Suspected unfaithful girlfriend



Christopher recounted the words his Jessica had said to him on phone.

"Unbelievable." Benjamin chuckled.

"I didn't have a problem with her. We were good the last time she visited me. So I don't expect her to say no to me just like that." Christopher was still shocked from the rejection.

"So what do you intend to do?" Benjamin asked.

"I want Jessica to be my wife. It's her or no one else." Christopher stopped pacing.

Benjamin stood up with a screwed up face. "Don't you get it? Jessica chose her job over you! She doesn't want you! That's what she's trying to tell you!" He grimaced trying to control his anger.

Well Benjamin never liked Jessica so he is not surprised by the rejection.

Christopher shook his head in disagreement although surprised by his friend's sudden outburst. "No... Jessica loves me and I love her too. But-"

"But what? But she likes her job more." Benjamin snorted.

Christopher doesn't want to accept his best friend's words. Does Jessica's no mean she doesn't want him? Is she really choosing her job over him? No it can't be true. Christopher thought.

They always have sweet moments anytime she is on leave at work or whenever her boss gives her a week break from work, mostly anytime he's out of the country and he doesn't need her help as his manager. So it is wrong to think Jessica doesn't love him. Christopher concluded.

"Think about it bro." Benjamin mumbled.

"You are wrong, Benjamin." Christopher murmured.

"I am wrong? Look Christopher, if Jessica really wants a future with you then she would have taken a break from work just to do what you want. Think about it, Jessica is only playing you. She is using you to satisfy herself." Benjamin said.

Anger crossed Christopher's face. "Why would you think like that?!" He demanded in a slightly raised tone.

"Didn't you explain the reason why you need to get married?!" Ben asked.

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