Chapter 4 - A Deal With The Billionaire


THEME: Time starts now


"Hey buddy. I am about to board the plane to Idaho right now. I will definitely call you when I touch down. So wish me luck, best friend."

Christopher texted after completing his check-ins at the counter. He was texting Benjamin so he would finalize the whole proposal plans.

He dragged his box and motioned towards the plane together with the other passengers.

Christopher waited for his turn to claim the few stairs and he also went in search of his seat number in the plane. After he found it, Christopher settled on the chair and plugged in his AirPod. He took out his cellphone and connected the Bluetooth device. He turned on a song title 'Ghost by Justin Bieber.' This song has been a source of inspiration to him since the proposal plans started. It was the perfect song to set him into the proposal mood.

The cellphone bIt was an Instagram message from Benjamin.

"Yo buddy! Best of luck on winning your woman. You are coming home as an engaged man!" A dancing and cheering emojis was sent after the message.

Christopher grinned as he read through the text. He was glad and excited about what lies ahead in Idaho. His dream woman and the quest to win her over for a lifetime commitment. He has made up his mind to spend forever with Jessica a long time ago. This bold step he was about to take would be a new beginning. And a decision that would change his life forever.

"I hope you like this, my love. I hope you do." Christopher heaved a sigh.

The pilot gave out safety instructions while Christopher spent the whole time envisioning the whole plan in his head.

A smile crept on his face as he imagined the woman he loves so much saying yes to his proposal.


(Four hours, forty minutes later.)

The plane arrived at Idaho. Christopher took the next taxi to the service apartment Benjamin had booked in his name.

He was greeted by an old man in his seventies who handed him the keys to the apartment.

"I had my boys clean the whole place. Everything is set." The man who had introduced himself as Mr Thomas over the phone said.

"Thank you, Mr Thomas." Christopher grinned. He waved goodbye at the man before he walked away.

Christopher bounced up the few steps leading to the porch and he used the keys to open the door. Everywhere was neat but he needed to check the main part of the plan. He raced down to the bedroom and saw that everything was in check and the same way his best friend has formulated the plan. The apartment was designed for the proposal plans.

Christopher was satisfied even as he fought the urge to scream out in excitement. Seeing that everything was in place, he took out his cellphone and dialed Benjamin's number.

'Hello Chris.' Benjamin picked on the second ring.

'I am at the apartment! This place is so beautiful as I have imagined it to be! Everything is working out as planned. And I am sure Jessica would love it!' Christopher gasped in excitement.

'I told you they would deliver well! Mr Thomas has been a proposal planner for years now!' Benjamin replied.

'What else do I need to do now?' Christopher paced the room.

'Call her.' Benjamin answered.

'You are right. But I need to go over to her place then bring her back her in the evening for the main proposal.'

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