Chapter 0 - A Deal With The Billionaire


Theme: Campaign Manager



After a long night of love making filled with confessions of love and promises, Christopher and Jessica went to bed cuddling each other. At 3:00 a. m just few hours into their sleep, Jessica phone rang and she turned away from Christopher to reach out for the cellphone on the bedside drawer. An incoming call from Sir Antonio displayed on the screen of her cellphone.

Jessica got out of bed to answer the call, the sharp turns she made got Christopher half woken. It was strange for a lady to be called at that hour for work but it was surprising how Christopher wasn't moved. He seemed unbothered that his girlfriend was being called that late by a man. It wasn't the first time and it might also not stop anytime soon.

"Hello Jessica, sorry for calling you at this time of the night." Mr Antonio apologized.

Jessica yawned. "It's alright. You won't be calling at the time if it isn't important." Jessica replied, trying to keep her voice low.

"I got some connections from an old friend. So I need you to be here as early as possible. We have to visit some local areas." Mr Antonio said.

Jessica sensed the excitement in his tone as he briefed her about the new connections and ideas he got from an old friend who was once a governor in Illinois. And she listened attentively to his words.

Jessica Campbell, a tall, leggy and strikingly beautiful twenty five years old woman. She happens to be the campaign manager of Mr Antonio.

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