Chapter 2 - My Mate

Hope POV

Text message after text message and call after call Emily would not take a hint.

"urgh" I wake up annoyed she kept calling and calling no matter how many times I told her I was too tired to get out of bed. Then she barged into my bedroom and started yanking me out of bed.

"Get up it's fucking noon time!" She screams.

"I'm up I'm up" I yelped when she threatened to pour water over me.

I gave in and got up to get ready for a day with my best friend. I wore one of my favorite bikinis with shorts and a white T. shirt on top with some sandals and sunglasses. I look pretty good considering I didn't get much sleep last night. I decided not to tell anyone about the person I saw looking up at my window. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Emily ran down the stairs practically dragging me behind her.

We walked to the pack house since my house wasn't too far and I headed straight for the backyard where the pool is, while Emily went inside to change.The Mansion has an olympic size pool surrounded by beautiful green grass and lounge chairs. Kyle and Matt sometimes use this pool for training purposes. I took off my shorts and T. shirt and laid down on one of the lounge chairs. It felt so good to just lay down in the sun and do nothing. A few minutes later mom and Luna came out and sat by the pool in the shade, I walked over and gave mom a kiss and hugged our Luna.

"Hope, you look more and more beautiful every time I see you", Luna Maria says making me smile she's so sweet.

"Thank you Luna, what are you guys planning anyway?" I asked

"Well we're done planning tonight's dinner and now we are just relaxing." Mom answered.

Zayn POV

I got up at night and mind linked my men and told them to be ready to leave. My wolf has been going nuts all night pacing back and forth driving me fucking insane.

Hunter what's with you?

He keeps pacing "I want to go home" he says.

He's had enough of this place too. I know he hasn't been happy with me fucking Stephanie. He wants his mate that's all he talks about lately. It's getting annoying. I'm 27 years old I think if I was going to find my mate I would have by now. Most wolves find their mate right after they turn 18. Others around 21 or 22.

I used to want the mate bond I even felt a pull towards Hope when I turned 18 but she was way too young so I ignored it. I felt it again every time I saw her and Hunter would purr like a bitch when she was around but there was no way she was my mate, she's too young. Anyway I gave up on the idea a few years ago. I don't need a Luna.

I'm sitting in the passenger seat next to Alex, one of my pack warriors and good friend. I take a deep breath once we reach our pack's territory. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed maybe Hunter will relax a bit too but the closer we get to the pack house the more anxious Hunter gets. All of a sudden I smell the most intoxicating scent of lavender and sweet citrus.

"What is that?" I ask.

"Has mom planted some sort of flowers around our lands?" I think to myself. Suddenly the smell gets really strong and it's making my heart beat like crazy.

"Stop the car!" I growl at Alex

" is everything okay ?" he asks

"Yes, go ahead I feel like walking the rest of the way. I wait for Alex to drive off then start following the delicious scent until it hits me hard when I reach Beta Brian's house. "Who the hell is in there?" Do they have visitors over maybe.

I walk closer to the house and now I'm in their yard standing like a fucking freak looking up at one of the windows when a woman comes to the window and sees me. For some reason I stare up at her not being able to move. I wish I could see her better I can tell she has long hair. Fuck! Hunter is growling and howling in my head I block him out so I can't hear him and jog towards the pack house.

I woke up feeling better than I have in a while. fuck! Hunter is whining again. He is a brutal beast when in battle but can throw a fit like a child. I get dressed and head out looking for mom and dad when I smell that scent again.

"Dammit what is that?" I say to myself. I walked through the house to the backyard where the pool is.... Fucking Hell! my eyes are set on the most mouth watering body I've ever seen. She's wearing a tiny bikini and her tan skin is glowing in the sun. Her long mud blond hair is flowing down her back. I feel myself get hard. She's turned so her back is to me and she's talking to my mom and Katherine, the Beta's wife.

Who is that? I walk closer to them tilting my head to the side to get a better look and that's when I see her. Hope. Hunter growls MATE and suddenly she looks up at me with the most beautiful green eyes, for a moment I stand frozen lost in her eyes...

"Mine" I growled out.

She looks like she's in shock and asks, "What did you say?"

I lose all control and grab her and pull her to my chest burying my face in her neck. Her mom is looking at me shocked. Heaven. This girl is pure heaven. Then I feel it... Hope is pushing me away. She's pushing against my chest trying to break free from my hold. She's not comfortable with me holding her.

"why is she trying to get away from me?" I silently ask myself. "What's wrong?" I ask her keeping my hold on her, she looks up at me like she's confused or scared.

"Mom" her voice cracks causing a sharp pain right through my heart. Her mom tries to pull her away from me gently and that's when I lose it.