Chapter 1 - My Mate

Hope POV

My parents and I live in one of the biggest houses on our pack's territory and for that I am grateful. I can't imagine being constantly surrounded by so many wolves, especially the unmated males that look like they want to jump my bones most of the time when I visit the pack house.

Some families choose to live in the pack house with Alpha Philip Black and Luna Maria. They are really nice and really close to my parents. They have one daughter, Emily, who is one of my best friends, and three sons Zayn, Matt, and Kyle who I kid you not, look like Greek gods.

Zayn is hardly ever around since he is next in line to be alpha. I assume he has a lot of work and business trips to go on. I don't know him much at all but from what I have heard he's a ruthless player. Matt is the middle brother, he's 25 years old. He and the youngest brother Kyle, who is 23 years old, are in charge of training all the pack members. It's safe to say that the she-wolves don't mind training at all beside these two gorgeous brothers.

Luna likes to entertain so she will occasionally throw a ball or invite everyone over for dinner. I have only been to a few dinners which I agreed to attend for my parents sake or to get Emily off my back. Don't get me wrong. I love our pack but I would rather be spending time either reading a novel or catching up on some studying.

Today is Saturday, Emily and I are in my backyard by the pool. It has been a while since my best friend and I had some girl time. Of course that did not last long when two of our closest friends Eric and Jason and came over to hang with us. Mom and Luna Maria are also by the pool busy planning a big event for when Zayn returns from where ever he is. I also heard them say they want to plan something special for when I turn 18.

Emily turned 18 a few months ago and her parents threw her the biggest birthday party this pack has ever seen. All our friends and families were invited but she seemed down because her oldest brother could not make it. He did send her the newest model Mercedes Benz as a birthday gift. But Emily has been very disappointed ever since. Not only because Zayn was a no show but also because she hasn't found her mate yet. What is it with wolves and finding their mate? there is so much more to life than waiting for a mate.

Zayn POV

A few of my men and I have been away from home for almost two months now helping one of our allies Alpha Edward, of the Blue Moon Pack, with a rogue problem. It has been fucking stressful! These rogues kept coming back night after night trying to take over some new territory and since the Blue Moon Pack was weak in defense they kept attacking them. Tonight I decided we needed to take the fight to them. We attacked them when they least expected it.

"My adrenaline is going crazy!" my wolf Hunter, growls in my head. I attacked and killed one filthy rogue after another. I dove and ducked here and there through rogue wolves and one by one they fell to their death. And As soon as I ripped their leaders head off with a fierce growl and my men howled in victory the rest of the rogues fled into the forest far away from the Blue Moon territory.

"Finally it's over and tomorrow we can go home" I said to Hunter. I ran all the way back to the pack house and shifted where I left my shorts. I quickly put them on and headed into the Blue Moon pack house to meet with Alpha Edward in his office. After briefing him on the fight, I went up to the room I've been staying in and took a long hot shower.

After a few minutes I felt my body finally start to relax. I got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist eager to finally get some decent sleep and get out of here tomorrow but I found the Alpha's oldest daughter, Stephanie lying naked on my bed. I'm not surprised she's been eye fucking me since the day I got here. I was shocked when she came to my room the first night of my arrival and she kept coming back for more after that. She has a curvy body that would make any man drool and I needed the distraction.

Right now she's smiling at me seductively but I'm tired and just want to rest before finally leaving back to my pack tomorrow morning. She sits up with her legs wide open, her gray eyes move down to my bare chest.

"Alpha how can I thank you for helping us?" She asks boldly ...oh what the heck one more time for old times sake, I think to myself. Her long silver hair is falling over her bare shoulders I feel myself go hard. She gently grabs my dick and starts sucking me. I growl in approval of her shamelessness.

Getting desperate she whispers "I want you inside me now!" I push her back on the bed then shove two fingers inside her, she cries out my name in pleasure and continues to moan as I finger fuck her. I grip her hips and flip her around she gasps and I quickly grab a condom from the night stand and roll it on, I want this to end quickly. I lift her ass up while she's on her hands and knees and she screams, literally screams, when I enter her with one hard thrust. I keep pounding her hard until she's nothing but a whimpering mess as she reaches the peak of her orgasm. Her moans annoy the fuck out of Hunter but I continue to fuck her hard chasing my own climax and soon enough she tightens around me again and reaches her second orgasm. A few more hard thrusts and a loud growl I spill inside the condom. I fall next to her breathing heavy and satisfied.

"That was amazing" She says while trying to wrap her arms around me. I pulled her off me and got up. "What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing'" I said. "I'm going to take another shower please shut the door on your way out." She looks at me angry. See this is why I don't date. Women are too complicated and I just don't have time.

"We have made love countless times" She says "Why would you ask me to leave?"

"Correction we had sex countless times, nothing more." I said.

"But you don't have a mate and I don't have a mate who better than me to be your Luna?" she says a little too loud for my liking and Hunter is ready to come out and tear her apart. Well looks like daddy's little girl is more desperate than I thought. She - wolves have been trying to tie me down for a while now only interested in one thing ...attaining the Luna status.

"Watch your tone when speaking to me, please leave I have a long trip back home tomorrow and just so you know I'm not looking for a Luna. "I turned around and entered the bathroom. When I got out again I was happy to find she was gone and I fell asleep quickly.

Hope POV

After a long relaxing day by the pool my friends and I watched a movie together in my living room while mom spoiled us with all kinds of snacks. Jason was sitting on the couch by my side and Eric was on the floor next to Emily. I love hanging out with my friends and although I get the feeling Jason wants to be more than friends, I'm very comfortable around them all. After they all left I took a long shower then went down stairs for dinner.

"Did you have a nice day by the pool?" mom asked smiling.

"Yeah I did, tomorrow we are having another pool day at the pack house." I said.

"That sounds like fun" my dad says.

"Just remember tomorrow we are having dinner at the pack house to celebrate Zayn's return." Mom says while pouring dad a glass of wine.

"I won't forget mom." Later that night I fell asleep on my bed while reading my favorite book. In the middle of the night I woke up feeling I woke up feeling a bit anxious. I was sweaty and I get up over to my window and I almost scream when I see a figure looking right up at me. My heart is beating so fast I feel like I might faint. Then whoever it is runs into the darkness and out of sight.

I quickly shut the window locking it and shut the curtains tight. I couldn't go back to sleep, who was that? why was he out in the middle of the night looking at my window? I thought to myself. I'm never sleeping with the window open again, I told myself. I couldn't fall asleep so I picked up my book and continued where I had left off. I stayed up until I heard mom and dad wake up and walk downstairs.