Chapter 0 - A 15 Days with Mr.Perv [Boy X Boy]

"Are you sure about the address?"

Jano said while looking at the Mansion in front of him.

"Yes! I’m sure”

Koko confirmed it.

"But the house is too big!, I'm sure there's a lot of maid and house boy there"

"O'common we're here just to apply right?"

"Oh! i'm sorry I forgot"

"Let's go!"

And Koko grabbed Jano's arm to enter at the Mansion.

Jano is a 20 yrs young guy who grew up at the province by his lovely grandfather, his father died when he was a baby while his mother left him alone to his grandfather and went abroad, from then she never comeback to them.

His grandfather is a rich old man who owns a lot of properties and farms at their province, but Jano grew up as an independent person, he went to manila to continue his study in college and never ask to his grandfather to support him.

He supported himself by taking some part time job, and now he applied as a part time house boy so he doesn’t need to have an apartment.

"Oh! You must be Jano Lim Valestre?"

- A Hot Daddy-type said preferring to koko, he wear a black suit, he had a trimmed moustache and beard around his face that fits to his handsome face and body build type.

"No sir, He is Jano and my name is Koko Pii the secretary of L Company"

Then the the Man looked at the back of Koko to see Jano, he stared Jano like asking if he is capable for the job.

"Hello sir"

- Jano greets him with a nice smile.

"Can I have a minute with Mr. Pii?"

- The Man said to Jano for excusing them, He nodded at the man as a sign that he allowed it.

Then they leave Jano alone to talk privately.

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