Chapter 1 - A 15 Days with Mr.Perv [Boy X Boy]

Fred’s Point Of View

I was dreaming about the smell of fried garlic and its get me to starve, but suddenly I came up in my mind and opened my eyes.

‘The Fuck? There’s a trespasser!’

I run out going to the kitchen and I saw a Guy’s back cooking at the pot so I shouted him.


Then he turned to me and hell duh! Everything flashes back to me and I forgot that my Father sends him yesterday here.


He said like an idiot, Tss what the? Stupid! He was Shock at that moment and staring me like he can’t move on in my handsome face tss.

Then the next thing, I found myself...



I covered my upper and lower body but suddenly it can’t help covering my manly hood.

Fuck shit! It’s awkward, I feel my blood running up to my head my ghad!

I run as fast as I can to go up at my room and slammed the door because of the embarrassment.

‘ugh! What am I doing? I totally forgot that I wasn’t alone anymore! Ugh!’

Jano’s Point of View

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning when I woke up, and I decided to clean the house, I remembered yesterday there’s a bunch of thing that I had to clean up.

I started at the living room area and I put all the garbage in a garbage bag, and put all the empty bottles at the corner of the garage house.

After cleaning the living room, I clean the dinning and the kitchen area, I think some of the plates were used about week ago, there are also some broken glasses and the rest are disposable, I washed them all and throw those disposables, I ended up at 4:30 in the morning before I finished them all.

I don’t know, I think, there’s no place here are clean, oh Life! Too tiring!

After Cleaning I look at the refrigerator expecting to have some foods to cook, and luckily there’s nothing but the frozen goods.

I fried some eggs, hotdogs and bacon I even cook fried rice for the breakfast.

I was about to cook garlic rice but suddenly...


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