Chapter 2 - 99 Days In Love With Vampire

It took me a long time to come back to myself after suddenly facing such a handsome face standing so close to me. I parted my lips and said in a stuttering voice, "I-I'm Elise."

The smile on the man's face widened. "Vampire." And he shook his hand with mine, not even caring about my messed up appearance.

Even I forgot that I had mascara and eyeliner all over my face. I must have looked quite distorted, but this man didn't seem to care about it. But at this time, I didn't want to focus on anything else. I just stood there, staring at him stupidly.

Vampire chuckled seeing my expression and said, "You know, Margot Elise Robbie is my favorite actress, and you're as charming as her."

There was a touch of pinkish blush on my cheeks, and I muttered a small thanks.

"Shall we go?" He said, pointing his hand toward Starbucks. I nodded absentmindedly, still staring at him dazedly. He smiled and walked toward the entrance.

My eyes kept following him until he disappeared inside the door, and I suddenly woke up from my daze. My eyes widened when I realized what had just happened. Did I just meet Vampire with my messed up appearance?!

I couldn't help but groan at that. Originally, I had planned to use my beauty to tempt this editor into working on my book. But it looks like my plans of using my beauty as a bargaining chip was ruined just because of that damned rain! I couldn't help but curse the clouds out loud in my heart.

I quickly raised my eyebrows and wiped my face furiously, trying to remove all the signs of messed up makeup from my face. I was still feeling cold, but it wasn't something I couldn't handle. I rarely got a fever or even fell sick anyway. So I wasn't worried.

This guy was so charming that he had even tried to flirt with me even after seeing this kind of makeup on my face. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. At this time, I had realized that I had fallen for him.

After a while, I finally had the courage to face that guy, and entered the place. I looked around to find him sitting in the corner round table, staring out of the window as sunlight blessed him a golden halo. I instantly forgot my surroundings after seeing his face.

It seemed as if Vampire had perceived my gaze, and glanced at me. His smile widened and gestured to me to walk over.

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