Chapter 3 - 99 Days In Love With Vampire

Just as I was about to get up, someone came back again and woke me up from my daze.

"Sorry, I forgot this." Vampire came back and grabbed the purse that was lying on the table before flashing me a grin. He waved and said, "See ya."

Before he could go away again, I instantly blurted out. "We can go together upto Chaoyangmen Bridge!" And as soon as I said this, I instantly shut my mouth, wishing to bury myself in the ground.

What was wrong with me?! We had just met, and I was already urging this guy to spend more time with me! He would clearly see this as a sign that I was interested.

But another side of my mind was going crazy with his handsome features so much so that it completely overpowered my resonings, making me smile awkwardly. "It's ok-"

"Okay, let's go." Before I could make an excuse, he instantly said that, making my eyes widened.

"Really?" I asked him in disbelief.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the sleeves of my clothes, dragging me out of the shop. I was so surprised that it took me a while before realizing that this guy was holding my clothes! I instantly looked down. A trace of blush appeared on my cheeks.

Unfortunately for me, he already left my hand in the midway, and walked while keeping his hands in his pockets, walking leisurely.

Birds chirped in the background as I continued to follow behind him in the crowd. Today, I was supposed to feel dreaded because of my ruined makeup. But that handsome face before my eyes made my heart flutter so much so that I instantly forgot my worries.

Although we were walking beneath the shadow of the trees, sunlight still filtered through the leaves and fell on his face, making him glow even more. His face almost resembled an angle who had fallen from the sky just to save me.

Soon, we resched the bridge, and it was time to depart. He stopped and glanced at me, flashing a smile. "I'll be off then."

Just as he was about to turn around, I stopped him. "Wait!"

"Huh?" He glanced back in confusion.

I face-palmed myself. What the hell was wrong with me?! I really needed to control my tongue, which was eager to follow my heart thoroughly.

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