Chapter 2 - 2019 Top Ten Gay Romance

“Hey, Jojo.”

I instantly scowled. “You don’t get to call me that anymore. What the crap? Where’s Ellie?”

Cooper’s smile faltered. “Uh, see. About that. She’s not coming.”

“What?” My heart started to pound. “Why?”

“When you wouldn’t take my calls, I contacted Ellie and—”

“I blocked your number.” If there was viciousness in my tone, I couldn’t be blamed. I’d had to do something when he left me, heart broken and bleeding on the floor.

The shock registered for just a split second, then his expression became utterly neutral. “Well, I guess I deserved that. Anyway, I called Ellie. She got you to come up here, but she was never going to join you. It was always going to be me.”

I felt my blood pressure rise. “And she agreedto this?”

Cooper shrugged one massive shoulder. “It was her idea.”

Oh, my sister and I were going to have so many words when I talked to her. “She thought this would work?” I grumbled. “She reads too much romance.”

“Half of which you lend her after you’re done reading it.”

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