Chapter 2 - 2016 Top Ten Gay Romance

“Hi,Max,how have your first couple of days been?”

Max swallowed the bite of the sandwich he’d been eating in the break room when Penny breezed in.She was the other trainee solicitor alongside Noah.He’d met her a few times before starting here.She rummaged in the fridge,found a pasta salad in a plastic tub,and sat at the table with him.

“It’s fine,”he said.“Busy!”

“You’re doing the work of two people,”she said.“Trust the partners not to want to spend the money to replace both Claire and Asha.”

“I knew it,”he said.“I said to Noah I’ll be doing the work of two people.”He shrugged.“Ah,well,I’ve done the work of two people at other jobs.Though some have suggested the two people in question were Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.”He grinned at her,and she chuckled.“Will Noah be joining us?”

“He was at the magistrates’court with Owen this morning.They’ll probably have lunch out.The senior partners went out at about eleven-thirty,of course.”

“Of course.A five spot says they won’t be back until two.”

“No bet.That’s every damn day.They’re old school.”

The two senior partners,Mr Pringle and Mr Bell,were of the three martini lunch types,mingling with other legal types in a nearby hotel bar.They loved that they could call it networking these days.They were always Mister.Owen had quickly invited Max to use his first name and called him Max.Pringle and Bell called him“Sagan.”Old school,all right.Max didn’t have good memories of school.Only having Noah around had made it bearable.

“I can’t believe they still get away with that kind of thing these days,”Max said.

“Hey,it’s the way it’s been done for a hundred years.Why change now?”She grimaced.“It’s the least of what they still get away with.”

“What does that mean?”

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