Chapter 1 - 2016 Top Ten Gay Romance


Max had never been to Noah’s office before,but he managed to get off at the right bus stop outside a town centre office building and found the door to the place on the third floor.Noah came to meet him in the tiny reception area.

“Do I look okay?”Max stood up.“Conservative enough?”

Noah snorted.“You,conservative?Not likely.”He brushed some strands of Max’s long hair off his shoulder and straightened his tie.“But you look fine.Did you polish your shoes?”He inspected them critically.

“Of course.”

Noah looked him over and nodded with approval.“You’ll do.Owen’s looked over your CV.”Noah had brought it in with him that morning.“He’s happy enough with it.All you have to do now is not massively screw up the interview,and you’re in.”

“No pressure then.”

“Just stay cool.You know how you tend to babble.And listen.I swear half your screw-ups come from not listening properly to what people say.”

“That’s not fair.You know I have a dodgy ear.Sometimes I…miss things.”

“Remember,take a breath,and think before you speak.That’s all I ask.”

“I will.”

“Okay,let’s go introduce you to Owen.”

Max had to take several deep breaths before he could speak because there was something Noah had neglected to mention in all this.

Owen was gorgeous

Max’s jaw nearly dropped open when Noah took him into the office and a man rose from behind the desk and came around it to shake hands.He was mid-thirties,tall,broad-shouldered,with a nice tan,and beautifully cut dark brown hair,glossy as teak.Of course,he wore a good suit—he was a lawyer—but he filled it out better than most men.His white shirt looked like it had been made from the same material as the gowns of angels.

“Good to meet you,Mr Sagan,”Owen said,holding out his hand for a shake.Max took it.A big strong hand.It made him gulp when it gripped his.“Owen Hart.”

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