Chapter 4 - 10:10 (10 LIVES IN 10 DAYS)


"Guys! Guys! Help!" I screamed non -stop as I entered the house. The others immediately ran towards me, I ignored their questions and ran back to the garden area.

"Ash, what's going on?" Cristina asked.

I ignored him and accelerated my pace even more to where I had been before.

"Look!" I cried while pointing to the fountain area.

Their eyes widened as they saw what I’ve seen. They even let a small yelp.

"Shit, Maureen!" Ram immediately ran to him and took him to the fountain.

I didn't get her earlier because she was so heavy so I also had no choice but to call for help. Her head was bloody when I saw it as its whole body was immersed in the fountain. It's like she’s just sleeping.

"Maureen, wake up!" Nicole slapped her softly at the same time.

"She's still breathing," Kyle said after touching her wrist.

"Let's go inside."

Matthew supported Ram to get Maureen, and while they are carrying her, I can't help but worry. Even if we don't have good terms now, that's still my friend. I understand her. I don't even know how to react and wonder why is this happening to us here.

"Find a first aid kit," Matthew ordered as they placed her on the sofa, so we moved quickly.

I went straight to the kitchen area and opened all the cabinets I can find. From top to bottom, until I saw something else.

A syringe.

"Did you find it already?" I immediately closed the cabinet door when Cristina asked. Gosh, she is surprising me.

"Not yet," I said.

She just nodded and turned her back on me again. When I saw she was gone, I immediately hid the syringe in my pocket. Just as I opened the very end of the cabinet, the kit showed up to me. I picked it up and went to the sofa.

Nicole wiped Maureen's face with a wet towel while the men just standing around the sofa where Maureen is lying on. I handed her the kit and sat down next to her. I just want to help because somehow I also know something about this work.

“The wound is pretty deep,” Nicole said quickly. Then, I also saw the real wound because it was clean. It’s like it was cut by an ax? Or a knife? But I guess it's impossible because it's carved and the depth is so deep.

I've done what I should have done. It was comforting because she was still alive and she had just sustained a wound. That’s better than losing her life. I cannot afford to lose one of my friends anymore.

"How did that happen?" Ram asked.

Everyone was silent as they looked at Maureen.

"Maybe she just slipped," Michael said.

"It seems impossible, it seems like she was cut?" Nicole observed. Even I also feel the same way. But how did that happen in a very short period?

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