Chapter 5 - 10:10 (10 LIVES IN 10 DAYS)


The truth.

The confession he made left me speechless. I don't know how to react or should I even need to react? I mean, is he really serious about it? If so, when? Why? How?

I didn't have any chance to ask him those questions because we are chasing the time. Matthew broke the dead air after, he told us his confession that he is also liking someone in the group secretly. There were only thirty seconds left so I also said my confession. I told everyone that I will do everything just to win this game, no matter what happens.

I don't have a secret or any big revelations because I've been honest for them since day one, so I didn’t have a hard time saying what I wanted to say. The fact that they knew the truth about me, my life status and my mom situation, that’s not a secret anymore. And one more thing, the very first time they met me, I didn’t pretend to be rich. I don’t have plans either.

However in Michael case, I really don't know how to approach him or will the confession affect our relationship? And now I get it why from the beginning he cared so much for me. I even noticed it this morning, actually. He’s so caring, he always talks to me and even tries to get my attention but I just did not assume because who am I?? I am just a plain ordinary lame girl who has a problem with money. I am not even beautiful so it is really impossible to have someone who likes me!

Anyways, he’s so good at hiding feelings, huh. For the past years, I didn’t have idea about it.

But I just can’t move on! Seriously, does he really like me? Like, how? Me? Really? Is he sure? Is that a final decision? What did he eat? Did he get his head bang on the ground?

"So what now, what's going to happen next?” Nicole spoke which made us looked at her direction. She is standing behind Michael, while vaping her cigarette. Then, I shifted my gaze at Michael and immediately averted my eyes when I saw him looking at me. Geez. He caught me. That was so awkward.

"Excuse me." Matthew stood up then walked away from us. Maureen followed him too as well, so we let them disappear in our eyes.

"What a revelation! Intense!" Ram shouted, laughing horribly. But I knew that was a fake laugh because he was just trying to calm down the fire in the atmosphere.

"So, you’re into her, Michael," Don chuckled and then they looked at me. Does it really need to mention it again?

"I knew it. I saw his wallpaper in phone and it was Ash,” Kyle, his twin, added.

"Wow, Ash. You got a long hair, never have we imagined this!" Nicole and Cristina teased me as well.

They are hyping us not minding how uncomfortable I am right now. What am I gonna do?! This is the first time that someone confessed to me! Is this a prank? A joke?

I let out a small laugh and shrugged to calm myself down.

"Maybe Michael you were just kidding m—"

"No, I'm freaking serious Ash. Actually, I want to court you." He cut me off so I was caught off guard.

I was stunned by what he said. My chest pounded so hard that I could rven hear it loudly. Shocks. He is freaking serious! This ain’t a joke. When he noticed that I seemed shocked, he spoke again.

"Don't worry. I won't pressure you. Maybe if we'll get out of here, I'll court you. But for now, just .... just let me prove myself to you," he said seriously. He genuinely smiled at me so I nodded unconsciously and stood up.

"O-okay. But wait, excuse me for awhile."

I turned my back on them then ran upstairs. I went to my room, closed the door and leaned against it. I took a deep breath before going to bed. Then, I laid down and stared at the ceiling.

I don't know what to feel.

I mean, Michael is okay. He's kind, a little competitive, serious and handsome. Never in my whole life I've seen him with other girls. But why did I suddenly seem skeptical? Should I tell him that I only like him as a friend? Or should I give him a shot? Argh!

You're here for your mom, Ash!

I slapped my face for me not to get out in the focus. I leaned over and felt something on the other side of my ass. I reached it with my hand and by picking it up, I knew what is it already.

The syringe that I saw in the cabinet.

I rose from bed and sat. Then, I opened the plastic of the syringe and took it out. It’s just a blue syringe that we usually see in hospital. But what bothers me the most is what is this for? Why there is a syringe in the cabinet? What’s the use of this? I can’t see any use for it. Unless otherwise, this thing will be used as a material to kill the consciousness of someone. But, there was no any liquid stuff that can be filled in the tube. So, this is as useless as the game, I guess.

However, I am still keeping this because we never know that we might use this in future purposes. I really don’t know, I just need this.

In my mind, I did not realize that I had fallen asleep in my bed. I came out of the room and saw them playing in the Arcade. I saw Cristina on the sofa sitting and reading. I leaned over him.

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