Chapter 2 - Personal Taste (I Just Want To Get Laid)

Location: Chicago Time:- 5:30 pm


Walking out of the manager's office, I walked to the center of the club commanding attention to myself with my àss.

My hips and àss were bouncing without even me trying.

I don't like the song the Dj was playing right now.

I walked closer to him and put on a perfect smile.

I see him met within, but I'm not here for that. "Change the music to kaMillions twerk for me," I said and walked back to the center and the stripper give way for me.

Placing both hands on the pole I crouched down slightly shooting my àss out.

As the music play, I slow bounce my àss in an erotic way that'll turn those unfaithful folk off, but the problem here is that I can't have all of them.

*Oh my god!*

*She's the queen of dance*

*look how she shakes that àss, her body is flexible*

I heard different comments and Brittany keep cheering me up with claps.

I love it when people praise me. I slapped and bounce my àss together, making it shake.

The whole flesh in my ass was vibrating and breathing like an ocean.

Then I slowly placed my hand on the floor.

I was shaking my àss so fast and seductively, I'm very sure many guys have cummed in their panties.

"Gosh! That's one killer shape, Henry go for her, you have the money to fûck any bîtch" I heard someone say and I look at the direction. He has a proud smirk on his face before standing up from his chair.

I hate arrogant f00l, I love dîck but not arrogant dîck I love calm and respectful dîck.

He moved closer to me and flashed me a smile.

He removed some dollars note from his pocket and was about to spray me before I pushed him with my leg and I fall on his bûtt.

I purposely twerk to his side and march his dîck and he growls out in pain.

"Bîtch!" He shouted and stood up immediately. "Go and fûck your mother!" I said and everyone burst into laughter.

"Babe I love you!" Brittany shouted and blow me a kiss.

I moved closer to a guy that has been pressing his phone since I arrived, I have my eyes on him and I must have him.

I moved closer to him and I started twerking on his dîck.

"Ahhh!" He growls with a smile and other guys started hissing and rolling their eyes at me.

I don't care, I just need to fûck his dîck.

"Can we take this to another level?" I whispered to his ear.

"Sure" he replied and lift me up on his arm and I wave at Brittany and Nadia.

"You guys should make sure you fûck before I come back, fûck any dîck you like," I said and Brittany blow me a kîss.

"Wait up your bag!" Brittany said and hand over my bag to me.

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