Chapter 3 - Personal Taste (I Just Want To Get Laid)

Location: Chicago Time:- 7: 00 am


"Rowen, why did you do that?" Austin asked with a frown.

"I did it because you deserve it" Rowen replied. He picked his headphone from the table and put it on immediately.

"Hey Mr. Hunt your phone is ringing," Austin said.

"You can pick it" Rowen replied.

"Oh my goodness! It's Dora" Austin said emphasizing the name, Dora.

"You and Dora should get lost" Rowen replied. "Hey what are you doing here?" Someone asked and Austin look back immediately.

"Good morning Mr. Mich" Austin greet.

"Are you a chef?" Mr. Mich asks. "No, I'm very sorry sir" Austin replied and rushed out of the kitchen and Rowen bite back a laugh.

"I'm very sure you see me standing here!" Mr. Mich said.

Rowen ignored him and started singing loud. "Did you realize I'm the manager of this place?" Mr. Mich ask.

"Thank goodness you said manager, not owner" Rowen replied.

"The only thing that's still keeping you here, is your food, you're the best cook we have here, so I can't sack you," Mr. Mich said and walked out of the kitchen.

"I don't know why everyone likes to frustrate my life," Rowen said with a sigh.

He picked up his ringing phone and placed it on his ear.

"Hey baby boo, I'm coming to Paris tomorrow," the caller said.

"How's that my business?" Rowen ask.

"Your business is, I'll search for you, and I must find you because you're mine," the caller said and Rowen end the call immediately.

He placed his head on the counter and tears fall freely from his eyes.

"Wait am I crying?" He asked and cleaned his tears immediately.

"I think I need to go on isolation," Rowen said. "No way!" Austin replied coming inside the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?" Rowen ask.

"I'm your best friend, so I need to always be by your side," Austin said.

"You're jobless," Rowen said. "I love it like that, it looks like you cry, Rowen tell me the reason why you cried?" Austin asked.


"Dad, how did you get here?" I asked with a frown.

"Answer my question first!" He yelled.

"Fine, I enjoy myself, it's my friend's birthday party so I need to be there" I replied and he stood up from the chair and moved closer to me.

"You're a grow-up lady," he said and does some thinking.

Thank goodness he agrees I'm grown.

"You're old enough to decide on your own," he said and I jumped up happily.

"But I don't like this lifestyle you choose to leave and whether you like it or not, you're getting married next month," he said and I opened my mouth in shock.

"Dad, to you or who?" I asked surprised.

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