Chapter 3 - His Secret Obsession

Eros Ramazzotti

The driver sings softly to himself as he navigates via the hellish traffic of downtown Shanghai. He has a lousy voice, the urge to tell him to "Shut the Fuck up" itched at him. Sighing out in frustration I stared out of my window. Shanghai never changes. Tall buildings, busy sidewalks, men and female in colorful clothes. Even where we are now, stuck in traffic, there are adequate glimpses into Shanghai’s subculture to make the area sense exceptional and mysterious. At least, that’s how it felt the first time I came here.

I’ve traveled a lot, viewed a lot, and done a lot. This is the first day trip I am taking with my PA. I assume I heard one of the managers point out that this would possibly even been her first outing abroad. All of this should be so new to her.

I directed my attention to stare at her.

She is leaning ahead and watching out the windows, her eyes extensive and shining. I observe her gaze and look at the shops passing by. For a moment, it’s like I’m seeing the world via her eyes. The metropolis is vibrant and alive. The way it had been when I first came here. Young and starry-eyed. Yes, Shanghai has a way of making the relaxation of the world seem stupid and gray.

My eyes stray yet again to her face.

She appears almost beautiful in her excitement. Seeing her from the side, without her glasses in the way, is a revelation her eyes are pretty stunning. I thought they were brown, probably because I’ve never paid plenty of attention. Now I see they’re a splendid hazel. The combination of green, brown and gold glow in the sunlight, and for a timeless second, I’m captivated.

Then I disgustedly shake myself from my ideas and remind myself this is Mrs. Ramirez, My married PA. Yes, I care about her, but not like that. Never like that.

Suddenly, the silence becomes awkward for me, and I need to say something. Anything. “So I take it this is your first time in Shanghai?”

She turns to look at me, a warm, open smile on her face. It transforms her. “It is,” she admits. “I never would have imagined it would look this lovely"

“If you suppose this is beautiful, you should see outdoor the city. It’s in contrast to anywhere else.”

She sighs. “I’d love to, but this isn’t a vacation, remember?”

I smile at the way she throws my phrases from beforehand lower back in my face. I wouldn’t let most people get away with that, however for some weird reason I let her. “No, it’s not. But possibly you can find some time in the agenda the next day and the day after to appear around.”

“Will you join me?”She says quickly, “I’d be worried to wander around alone.”

I shake my head. “I’ll be far too busy, but you prepare for a tour information to show you around. I’ll pick out up the cost”

Her look of excitement deflates. “If you’re working, I’m working. You're the boss and am your secretary"

I can’t argue with that. She is my right hand. I want her at my side. I can’t do the matters I prefer to do if she’s no longer around. Still, she deserves to enjoy herself too. She works hard for me instead of complaining.

We get to the hotel. It is five-star lodging. One of the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Shanghai.. We’re given the VIP therapy welcome and very quickly booked in with the aid of a smiling super-efficient team of workers and taken up to the Tower Club suite on the fifty-sixth floor. Technically, my PA and I will be sharing the space, however the suite is massive enough for her to have her personal bedroom and bathroom. I desire her close.

The lounge is a picture of luxury. A bottle of champagne and a platter of fruit and cheese is ready on a glass table. The bellhop carries our luggage into our respective rooms. Mine has a king-size mattress and hers is a single. I stroll to the wall to ceiling window and seem down at the view of the whole city with the river strolling through it like a snake. In the late afternoon sun it is pretty something, however Asia also seem to be it's nice at night, when you can’t see the dirt and the grime. Then it will be breathtaking. The home windows are triple glazed, so no sounds permeate it, and it is nearly hypnotic to watch the stressful world so a way under in entire silence.

“Excellent desire on the hotel, you always make the right choices which is why I trust you” I say.

“Thank you, Eros's"

I turn away from the window and clap my palms together. “Right. Dinner is in three hours. Just enough time to smooth up, do some work, and get ready. I’ll catch you at quarter to eight?”

She nods. “I’ll be ready.

I go into my room and close the door on her.


The first thing Is call the housekeeping department to pick up my suit and shirt to make sure they are pressed and presentable for tonight. It’s not that I’m worried about my appearance. Of course, I take care of myself, but I also need to look smart and approachable for the meetings and press conference. Tonight, though, I need to show our possible Chinese investors and business partners my professional and smooth side.

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