Chapter 4 - His Secret Obsession

Athena Ramirez

It's been 2 years since I've worked for Eros. He's a hard boss but also considerate and thanks to this job she was able to send troy to Canada, her paycheck is that full and fatty that she dosen't have to worry where her next meal will be from. Troy is at very high end expensive boarding school for the gifted in Canada, there he'll be able to receive all the help he can get to help with his trauma and her job as Eros PA pays that and her own lifestyle.

She was able to move out of her old apartment and got a studio apartment for herself, As much as she hated the fact that she had to lie and conceal her relationship status and be her real self just to maintain her job ate at her but there was nothing she could do. It was what Eros stated that he wanted 2 years ago. A secretary who looks like a schoolmarm, unattractive and ugly and wouldn't dare to seduce him either...

Funny as it seems karma has finally came to bite her ass. It's just been one day together in Shanghai and her secret has already been exposed..

"Good work Athena"I grumble to myself,

I asked you a question, why do you blame me?he asks, with narrowed eyes.

Oh, shit. I never meant to just burt it all out to him. Usually, I’m calm, cool, and professional, the ideal assistant. I can hold my head on straight even in the most challenging scenarios, however I feel nearly dizzy from the buzz of my near-death experience, and my current situation, which can solely be described as bizarre.

Up until a few moments ago, my boss had not even seen me as someone worth 30 minutes of his time and yet here I am, I’m standing in front of him in a towel that barely covers me. Actually, it’s so small I’m afraid to even to move. Any shift may quite disastrous.

This is bad, however that’s not what has my cheeks flushed with heat. It’s the eye-popping fact that he is close to nude himself. He's only in a distracting-as-hell boxer brief and dare I they left nothing to the imagination.

I knew he had the body of a Greek god and he had an amazing shape, however to truly see him like this? The man is a fucking god. His physique is rock solid. Layers upon layers of lean muscles. One on pinnacle of another. Every one chiseled and perfectly defined, flexing beneath his inked pores and skin with every little movement. It’s quite impossible not to stare. And I haven’t even obtained to that muscle bulging interior of his underwear.

Holy crap, is it big or what? Nah, it has to be a trick of the light, or I’m nevertheless in shock. No one is that big. Still… I can almost sense the heft of it simply by looking. Slickness varieties between my legs that have nothing to do with the bathe I just took. I tear my eyes away and meet his ready eyes. I take a few seconds to take stock. We’re both seeing a lot of extras of each other than we’ve ever seen before, which is terrifying but exciting.

I virtually like what I see which, of course is besides the point. He has definitely made it very clear that he thinks I’m desirable but he's no hitting on me which is quite gentlemanly of him. Also taking the large hard-on into consideration, he's a man obviously so it's Natural he's attracted ...

But the reality is right in front of me I’m not or was never his type. I’ve viewed some of the ladies he goes out with. They are so stunningly gorgeous, and beautiful.

So really, no authentic damage has been done. And if I play this right, I shall finally be able to live freely and work without any pretence or lies.

I lick my lips apprehensively. “Okay there's something I need to tell you. It's a secret have been hiding since I started working with you and I know it will piss you off.”

“Mrs. Ramirez" he says, his voice low and deep. “Whatever you have to say, simply say it. Yes, I might get mad. I can’t promise I won’t, but I can promise I’ll get definitely pissed off if you don’t tell me.”

I nod and elevate one hand in a placating gesture. “Fine. You have a reputation, okay?”

“A reputation?” he echoes with a frown. “You’re going to have to be more specific. A popularity for what?”

“The agency that despatched me to work for you. The lady there warned me about you earlier than I got here in for the interview.”

He crosses his palms over his chest. His muscle mass irritating and flex.

Okay, now, I am gulping for air.

“What in the hell did they warn you about? I’m no longer dangerous,” he says, staring at me like he needs to punch something.

My physique is trembling with nerves and if I maintain going, there’s no telling how he’ll react, but I have no preference as I’ve come this far. Might as well go all the way. “They didn’t say you had been dangerous. They advised me you won’t hire women that are even remotely attractive or unmarried.”

He nods thoughtfully. “They were not wrong.. It’s a personal rule of my mine because of my past experiences.

“Yea I was told, The woman advised me that it's due to the fact all these younger girls cease up falling in love with you and acting unprofessional. And instead of doing their duties as your Personal Assistant they end up trying to distract you. So I made a decision to take the leap and dress as grumpily as I could to get the job.”

Eros stares at nothing, like he’s lost in thought. His expression is unreadable. I'm shocked his alot calmer than she had imagined. Although I didn't let my guards down and still braced myself for the inevitable explosion of anger. It doesn’t come. Instead, his blue eyes bore into mine, trapping me in his gaze. “Are you even married?” he asks in a deathly calm voice, which is even more chilling than when he is throwing a tantrum.

“No,” I confess, earlier than rapidly adding, “I hope you won't fire me. I do desperately need this job and this past two years I made sure to show you how efficient and good I am at my job"I say rapidly my heart beating so fast.

" Mr. Eros I don’t see why my marital status, or looks need to prevent me from performing a job that I am flawlessly certified for don't you think?I say

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