"Hello sir, hello professor... Prof Benny..."

He appeared to be in a haste as he turned to know who was calling him. A young lady was rushing towards him. He paused and waited for her to catch up

".... Good afternoon sir, I'm one of the students that you're taking in religious studies. My name is Rachel.

Geni said as she tries to catch her breath. This was her first task and she must have a good starting so that the rest that follows will be smooth.

Just like Bianca suggested that she should try to attend his class sometimes when she is not having other important classes pertaining to her course.

This is the second time she will be attending Benny's class, she even got his class materials.

Standing very close to him for the very first time she can't help but also noticed that Benny is indeed a fine man.

He was undoubtedly handsome and dresses very smart.

He should either be in his early forties or late thirties. One can't ascertain his exact age due to his youthful appearance.

Although there are few white strand of hair decorating his beard and another selective few that does not appear very obvious mixed up in his short hair.

He has a neat cut, looks smart, his voice is rich to the ear and many other beautiful qualities he possessed.

Now she understands why Bianca refused to let go of him despite the red signals that she kept getting.

"Yesss please, how may I help you?

He asked while trying to appear calm.

"I can see that you're in a haste, I have few questions I will like to ask concerning the origin of man, one of the topics I read in your book. I wish to know more but you appear not to have the time for such maybe next time then..."

He looked at her closely and asked "what exactly will you like to know, tell me... I can spare few minutes to explain..."

Geni who doesn't know exactly what she really wanted to ask, she only wanted to get his attention first and Bianca's camera man was monitoring them so that he can take a close picture without anyone suspecting.

Prof, urged her to go ahead and ask her questions.

Geni saw his wedding ring which was very obvious. It's golden color shone that you can't help but notice that he was a married man.

He probably pick the ring on purpose so that it will warn off women who have intention of fleeting with him.

In his right hand he also has a ring, but looks more like a fashion ring on the same ring finger.

So if you can't see the right then you will definitely see the left.

He made it quiet known that he was not searching or ready to mingle but people like Bianca like chasing what they can't have.

He has Arun King blue watch which was one of the most expensive watches then.

It shows the man is rich. What if she tells him exactly what was really happening on the account that he pays her.

He may even give her upto the amount that Bianca was offering or even more.

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