".... you've to do it for me, you owe me remember and not to worry I will pay you... I will pay you handsomely"

Geni breathed deeply and asked her how much she was offering.

Bianca mentioned the amount, it was quiet huge and she was in need of money.

Her mother can't afford much and her Dad was the last person she wish to go to. Ever since he was sacked from his place of work he has refused to do any other thing. He also depends on their mother for food and his personal upkeep.

The load is cumbersome on her mother alone.

Her father with her two younger siblings all feed and live through her.

That's why she decided to settle with whatever insult Bianca throws at her and endure whatever maltreatment she brings until she finishes school.

Her younger one just got admitted into the university but still at home waiting for some kind of miracle to be able to pay off the admission fees.

Their Mom asked for patient and time to be able to raise the money.

But the way Geni was looking at the whole thing, school for her sister is not happening soon if she continues to wait on their mother.

Geni had earlier wish that she can help out financially but that too is just a wish because she can't.

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