Chapter 10 - Forsaken by my Mate

Nico’s POV

Thank the Goddess she finally came out today. It was a total accident I even found out about it. I was speaking to a friend of mine who was supposed to meet with Asher today, and he told me the meeting had been moved back a day as Asher and his new mate were getting the furniture for the baby room set up. I knew that since Sabrina hadn’t left the packlands in two months, she would want to come along with them, and I was right.

We followed them to the paint store, and then out to lunch. I could see my beautiful mate through the window, and I could feel her emotions as she got upset and then couldn’t eat anymore. I see the blonde girl, Jade, comfort her, and I am glad that she has good friends around her, but no one can make her as happy as I can. I feel like I have been waiting forever to see her again, as I couldn’t take the chance of being followed so I have stayed in my pack for the last month, getting things ready at the house,