Chapter 9 - Forsaken by my Mate

Brees POV


I am so excited for today as it is now August the 3rd and we are all at the pack doctor to see the ultrasound for Jade, to see if they were having a boy or a girl. I was hoping they have a boy first, as I enjoyed having both an older and a younger brother and I wanted that for their babies as well. I see how happy they both are at getting to see the baby for the first time, and I am excited for them both.

The gel gets put on her stomach and the tech starts moving it around. We all see a face on the screen and this image is so clear, we can see she is carrying a mini version of Asher already and my mom is so excited that she started to cry, along with Jade who was blissfully happy to see her pup. Asher could not be more proud or excited to be seeing his son on the monitor. Dixon and I looked at each other and smiled, I am so excited that I will be getting a nephew. I want to go shopping now to help them dec