Chapter 10 - Twice Rejected

Niyol's POV

That moment that I kissed her in her dazed state this morning felt normal like every other morning. But that would now be one of my most cherished moments ever. It kept replaying all over my mind.

There wasn't a single life in her. The only woman I loved my entire life was gone right before my eyes and I couldn't protect her. Feeling frustrated, I growled loudly in anger.

Though I held back the tears, the pain was eating me up. My growl was so heartbreaking that I know the pack members within the palace must have felt it.

She was supposed to be my mate and I was to be her shield. I was supposed to be her umbrella in times of rain. Her rock and her shield. And yet… yet, I had missed the signs.

We slept together almost every night making love and feeling our hearts. Growing fonder each day yet, I still missed all the signs.