Chapter 9 - Twice Rejected

Niyol's POV

Two years ago

"I am so sorry, your grace," Chester my beta spoke softly with his hand resting on my shoulder. I could feel his deep sorrow. Why was he sorrowful?

I stood dumbstruck by the sight before me.

Though my heart was beating faster than lightning, I still couldn't believe it. It can't be her. It just wasn't her, right? I shook my head vigorously to take away the image.

I stared at my beta, I refused to believe anything. Why was he apologizing to me? I thought.

"Why are you apologizing? We are in a dream. Soon we are going to be gathered eating her favorite cooked beef stew. You don't need to be sad or sorry." I told him. Or was I trying to convince myself instead?

I don't need to convince myself because this wasn't real in the first place. This was one hell of a dream, yeah. And I am sure