Chapter 7 - The Wanted Alpha


I woke from the most wonderful dream and I'd been having them for the last few nights. Even though I would wake up feeling more relaxed and content than I had ever felt, the feeling would quickly fade and be replaced with an emptiness I had never felt before.

The dream had been the same each time.


Under the moonlight and by a beautiful lily pond with what looked like a pack house just in the distance, I stood hand in hand with my mate, Ethan, with our fingers interlaced. The way he smiled at me and stroked my cheek made my heart melt and my stomach flip. How his eyes were filled with so much love and adoration made me almost tremble with anticipation. As our faces leaned in towards each other, our lips barely a breath away…


I would wake up just as we were about to kiss. The dream was so real, I could almost smell his peppery citrus scent, feel the smoothness of his creamy skin, touch the softness of his