Chapter 8 - The Wanted Alpha


Greer came back into my cell a few minutes later to take me for a shower, to brush my teeth, get changed into fresh clothes and then after in my cell, carried in a tray with my breakfast on it. He closed the door leaving me alone but opened the viewing port again, from when the Beta and the Gamma had visited and had instructed it be closed while they attempted to question me. He hadn't tried to say anything to me, just offered a pitying smile that merely confirmed my resolve to escape. I picked at my food contemplating how to go forward with this plan. I hadn't wanted to try anything while I was in the shower, I really didn't want him to see me naked; that may have to be my backup plan though. I took a sip of my hot coffee...wait, that was it!

I pulled the leg of my jeans away from my skin and poured the contents of my mug down it, the liquid was pretty hot but didn't burn my skin. I dropped the mug onto the floor, hearing it smash and gasped as though