Chapter 8 - The Unwanted Wolf

I lay in bed, feeling completely restless. The pajamas Rie had provided me were softer than any clothes I had ever owned, and the bed was a million times comfier than my own, but it was hard falling asleep in a new place. Every little noise made me twitch. I kept tossing and turning to try to get more comfortable, but nothing seemed to work. It didn’t help that I had a lot on my mind.

Why had no one ever told me before that I wasn’t a full wolf? If that’s the reason I was kicked out at sixteen, that was something I deserved to know. Also, who was after me? I mostly kept to myself, so I can’t imagine what I had done to make someone want to kill me. I had heard stories of hunters going after werewolves because they thought they were an abomination to the world. Growing up, our pack never had that issue, at least not to my knowledge. My father had done an excellent job keeping our true identities a secret.

We had been a small wolf pack compared to others. A cent