Chapter 6 - The Possessive Alpha


I am sitting at the large oak desk, the leather of my office chair cool against my shirt, calming the nerves raging throughout my body. When the door opens, I feel the heat of aquamarine eyes on I didn't need to look at Olivia to know the wheels are grinding inside her head, the bond telling me everything.

"Ask what you want," I say, my voice dry, the mental exhaustion thinks in my voice. "Did you set up the meeting between Elle and Theo?" My mate's voice rings out, her nerves firing rapidly through our connection.

"Of course," I reply, closing my eyes and letting my fingers drag across my brows and temples, trying to calm the raging headache behind my eyes.

"I guess our only option is to follow through with the plan," Olivia says with a sad whisper; I know she secretly hoped we could find a way out of the whole thing, but it's not happening. I tried devouring every spare minute to the cause, even asking my Beta for help, but nothing can be done. I already checked. "That's always been the only option."

"Then we better hope the odds are in our favor," Liv sighs, sparks flying wildly when her lips crash onto mine, erasing the negative thoughts from my mind as I grip her waist and pull her to my lap, the stress caused by past decisions washing away as I lose myself in my mate.



Even though we didn't get back to the house until 1 a.m. this morning, I can't sleep, and the anxiousness of a new school year is starting to get to me. So I spent the whole night organizing my new clothes, shoes, and makeup on my vanity.

Changing quickly, I head to my gym to meet the Beta for training. "Hey, Elle, we will have to cancel our training today; the Alpha needs my help with something. Do what you usually do when we cancel sessions, and we will resume our normal schedule tomorrow. Alright, kid?" he asks as if I have any room to tell him he cannot help our Alpha.

"Yeah, that's not a problem, Beta Jake," I reply to him and focus on the punching bag I have been bashing for the last five minutes. After another forty-five minutes of circuit training. It's almost 5 a.m., and I need a shower before school. Going into my spacious bathroom, I cross over the cold time floors to the shower, with its large rainfall showerhead and tile backsplash, turning the water to the hottest temperature I can.

As I am washing my hair, it hits me that I may be able to avoid Damon a little longer if I hurry up and get out of there before he leaves for school. He usually waits till the last possible second before leaving, and it's only 5:15 a.m. If I hurry, I can get ready and be out the door before he comes out of his room. His parents used to make him drive me to school, but I got a jeep this summer, and I could drive myself now. At least this time, I won't be forced to get out a third of the way to Timberlake High, home of the Timber Wolves.

Shutting off the shower, I wrap myself in a towel before stepping out to get dressed and do my makeup the way Luna Olivia taught me. I get all my stuff to work from the library on some coding before class. By 6:15 a.m, I was completely ready, with my outfit, hair, and makeup is done.

Grabbing my stuff, I sneak down to the kitchen, being as quiet as possible, only to find Helena already starting breakfast.

"Good morning, Helena," I greet her as I grab an apple from the basket, a protein bar, some peanuts, and bottled juice from the fridge.

"Morning, dearie," she says as she follows my actions with her eyes, "well, look at how grown-up you look. It looks like you had fun shopping with the Luna yesterday. I am so glad to see you out of those sweatpants finally. A body as beautiful as yours is wasted in those clothes." she says as she pinches my cheek gingerly. I don't remember my grandparents, but I have always considered Helena a surrogate grandmother.

"Thanks, Helena," I chuckle, "I don't know. I was just ready for a change this year. It's time I start putting effort into myself, you know?" I ask, giving her a tight hug before slinging the backpack I put on the counter chair onto my shoulder. "I will see you after school. Bye, Helena." I stride out the door and climb into the green Jeep Wrangler I got this summer. I drive out of the garage and head to the high school, where I will hide until the first period starts.

I smile at Danny, the custodian, wishing him a good day while I head to the library down the hall from the main doors on the right. I open the door to find the wall-to-wall windows I have become accustomed to throughout the years—tables littered throughout the aisles of bookcases. I always pick the one closest to the back exit. No one goes back that far, so it's been a trusty hideout through the years. I pull out my laptop and get my notebook and pen set out when I get a mindlink from Alpha Charles.

'Where are you?' he asks, interrupting the focus I have on the project currently in the works.

'Library, I had some maintenance I need to take care of,' I reply, my fingers still flying across the keyboard. 'Everything okay?' I ask.

'Well, a new student starts today. His name is Theo Campbell. He is a junior like you and in the majority of your classes. Would you mind showing him around?' Why he was asking me is the real question. A task Damon would typically take care of as the Alpha's son and heir.

'Are you sure, Alpha? Isn't this a task normally reserved for Damon?' I ask tentatively, knowing how Damon will act if he thinks I am trying to take his responsibilities from him. While simultaneously trying not to piss off Alpha Charles for being disrespectful. Thankfully, the emotions of mated males are much easier to manage.

'Yes, it is,' he replies without a hint of anger.'However, he is a junior, and you two have a very similar class schedule. Plus, Damon already showed him around the pack yesterday. Although he seemed somewhat distracted. I doubt that was fun for Theo,' Alpha Charles continues, unusually chatty this morning.

'Uhhh...Yeah, of course; however, I can help Alpha,' I say, knowing I don't have a choice.

"Plus, he is an attractive boy; maybe you can try dating like all the other she-wolves your age." he chuckles heartily.

'Oh, I don't think about boys much, Alpha,' I respond to him, which is true. I am too busy thinking about what Damon might do next that I can't focus on another guy. Plus, any guy that showed interest in the beginning quickly lost interest. I can't prove it, but I swear Damon has something to do with it.

'Well, maybe just a friend then,' he responds, which I cannot argue.

"Perhaps; when is Theo supposed to get here?" I ask; glancing at the clock, I notice it's almost 7:30 a.m. Homeroom attendance is taken every morning at 7:50 a.m.

"He should be there in a minute. He came here first," Alpha Charles replies, "You can meet him outside at the front doors."

"Okay, I'll pack up and head out front," I say, a little annoyed that this became my responsibility, but I will do whatever the Alpha and Luna ask of me. They have cared for me like one of their second kid. Honestly, I think they even talked about adopting me, but Damon, through such a fit at the suggestion, no one brought it up again.

Grabbing my bag, I head for the exit, but I am distracted by something I don't notice when my body slams into a muscled chest. Before I can stumble backward, strong hands grab my shoulders to steady me.

"Woah, there, sorry about that," a deep voice says from above my head. I am tall for a female wolf, but males were giant—especially those of Alpha, Beta, or Gamma descent. Looking at the handsome face of the teenage boy standing before me, I would say that he has a Beta or Gamma bloodline.

The guy standing before me has a nice tan, brown curly hair, and the most hypnotic hazel eyes I have ever seen. I would have noticed those eyes. I may not be popular here, but I pay attention enough to know I have never seen him walk the hallways before. The weirdest part is that while I am openly gawking at the man standing in front of me, my mind is still replaying pictures of Damon. I need to get a fucking grip.

"No, it's not your fault. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," I say, flashing him a bright smile.

"Do you know an Elle Davidson? The Alpha told me she was here so she can show me around the campus,". He says, showing me his pearly white smile. Seeing his smile put me at ease, and the nerves I had all morning seemed less rampant now.

"Hi, I am Elle," I say, extending my hand for a shake.

"Nice to meet you, Elle." The boy, I am assuming, is Theo Campbell, puts his hand in mine. As soon as he does, I cannot shake the feeling of familiarity I have. As if deep within my consciousness, I have met him somewhere in my past. I can't pinpoint from where.

"I am Theo. Theo Campbell. Have we met before?" he asks me the question I have been wondering myself.