Chapter 7 - The Possessive Alpha

Elle Pov

"I was thinking the same thing, but I don't believe so; maybe we just look like other people we know?" I say, trying to explain the feeling in my gut telling me to trust this guy I don't even know.

"Yeah, maybe." is Theo's response, but I can tell he isn't convinced. "So where should we start this tour?" he asks, going along with my plan to talk about anything else, and I am grateful for it. I hate trying to remember the time before living with the Ledgers.

"Have you gotten your school schedule yet?" I ask. That way, I can see what areas of the school to show him and the best routes.

"Yeah, I met with the principal, the Alpha, and the guidance counselor yesterday, where they went over my schedule," he says as he hands over a folded-up piece of paper. Opening it, I see we have every class together except training, which I am not allowed to participate in.

"Well, oddly, we have every class together, so