Chapter 7 - The Forgotten Mate and The Alpha Prince

Asher let out a sigh, running his hand, threw his short dark brown hair, as he watched his sister Rebecca lost in her own world, staring into space. His heart felt like it would break in two. She had always been fun, his partner in crime, along with their older sister Phoenix, when they were younger. But now it seemed like the light had gone from her eyes, and she was no longer up for pranking their parents, or even him and Hamish, his younger brother. Not since she found out she was mated to a rogue, who was determined on bringing destruction to the world of werewolves, and even humans. Rebecca had, of course, rejected him, then ultimately killed him during the Montseny battle. She bore the scars, not physically, but emotionally. The man who was her mate was evil personified, but the wolf inside him was abused by his human counterpart and begged her to save herself from his tyranny. Rebecca mourned, not for the man, but for the wolf, who, if he had not been subjected to a c