Chapter 6 - The Forgotten Mate and The Alpha Prince

The cold dark morning did little to clear the sluggish feeling that plagued Alisha the past few mornings. She would have thought access to three square meals per day would have given her a boost of energy as she went about her morning chores. Unfortunately, all she felt was lethargy, after yet another sleepless night plagued by her bowels gripping her sensitive stomach, resulting in many trips to the bucket in the corner of the room shared with her sister. Iesha was not fairing much better. In the desperate attempt to have the girls gain weight and look healthy, the Matlock Delta had stood over them forcing them to eat the rich foods the Alpha had graciously given them. After years of hardly any sustenance, the excess food caused bad bouts of stomach issues for both Alisha and Iesha, accompanied by extreme tiredness from the lack of sleep and bloating.

Daphne had all but pleaded with the Delta to feed them a little, but often, something bland and light so the girls could digest the food. The stubborn idiot had refused, and almost gave Daphne a slap across her face, in the process, only halted by the royal decree made into absolute law that hung over every pack’s head. Treat omegas with the utmost respect. The last thing the pack needed was for the prince to question the omegas about their conditions and be caught breaking the law. Everyone understood that would bring the full wrath of the King and Queen down on them.

Fighting the requirement for sleep after so many restless nights, Alisha gathered the chopped wood she had stacked, ready to pass to the omegas, who were deemed fit to enter into Honey and her gaggle of bitch’s presence. Once again Alisha found her mind wandering to happier times. Sitting in the corner of Edensor’s small snug room, in the comfortable tub chair, Iesha on her lap as they giggled watching her father spin her mother around in the centre of the room, as they danced to their favourite song from a time long ago. The girls smiled and giggled, applauding their parents as the song ended. Alisha's father took a bow, as her mother curtsied with a giggle. The roaring fire blazed in the stone fireplace, heating the room. Alisha had never understood the meaning of cold back then. Omegas would come to announce dinner time, and the whole pack would sit together in the large dining room, serving themselves an abundance of food. All ranks would sit at the table. The only reserved seats were for the Alpha and Luna, along with their daughters, everyone else, even the beta, gamma, and delta sat where there was a seat, and spoke with the person on their right and left, building strong bonds and friendships with each member of Edensor, irrespective of pack status.

Her father would entertain them with stories of his time at the Crescent Moon Academy, from when he was a boy, gaining a great education, and learning from the headmaster, Zander Colton, long before he became King. He would share how life was so much better for everyone, now that the King and Queen had taken their rightful place and made so many positive changes to the werewolf world.

Aliaha shook her head. Little did her father know that the King and Queen, whom he held in such high regard, would be the very ones to forget her existence, and as a result, leave her and Iesha living in a pack determined to torment and torture them. The reason? Because she remained faithful to the mate bond and refused to marry an elderly Alpha, who was known to be ruthless when dealing with surrounding packs. However, he diligently kept to the royal laws and so was left to rule over his pack.

“Aliaha, you are to set the fires, we are to line up and have our measurements taken. The Luna wants us dressed in matching fancy uniforms for the Prince’s arrival.” Barbara, one of the Matlock pack’s omegas told her.

Barbara was a nice girl, she never once spoke down to Alisha, and would sometimes try and help Iesha with her work, even gifting her a small teddy bear a couple of years ago. Only the bear was found, by Matlock’s Luna, destroying it by pulling off the head and arms in front of her heartbroken sister.

Alisha inwardly shook her head. Even she knew that the Royal family did not like pomp and ceremony, those they liked never even had to call them by their rank or title. Her father had often told her that should she meet the queen, she should show respect and call her ‘Your Majesty’ but not be offended if she was instantly told off and to just call her Chloe. Why the Luna thought matching maid uniforms would impress the prince, that, from her knowledge, all members of the royal family were as equally relaxed as the queen, was beyond her.

“Okay, I will get on with that now.” Alisha smiled at Barbra, then took the basket towards the game’s room.

As Alisha walked into the small games room to light the fires for the day, she smelt the scent of elderberry and honey. It was a sickly combination, one she recognised as Honey, her former best friend and the daughter of Alpha Jabez and Luna Qamar. A small giggle came from the corner of the room, as in the dim light she could make out the girl, her legs open wide, with one of the pack warriors between them.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this. The prince needs to think I am still innocent. But a girl has needs, and I need your cock,” Honey laughed, as the warrior on top of her grunted, clearly giving the girl what she wanted.

“He will soon find out you are not so innocent when he takes you to his bed.” The warrior Aliah -a recognised as Eamon, one of her own pack members, stated, clearly irritated.

“Well, I bet at 23 he has had his fair share of she-wolves. Why should females be the ones to stay pure waiting for the mate bond? Shit, I am losing my mojo, less talking and more fucking, you have not even made me come yet!” Honey growled out clearly frustrated.

Alisha shook her head and made her way to the fireplace.

“Don’t mind me.” She sarcastically muttered under her breath.

“A..A..Alpha.” Eamon stuttered.

He hated that the future leader of his pack had found him in such a compromising position. But the truth was, if he did not fuck Honey, as and when she wanted, she would take her revenge out on Alisha and Iesha, so he went along with it. Plus, the girl was not bad on the eye, which helped.

“GET OUT!” Honey screamed at Alisha.

“I have to build the fires. Carry on.” Alisha shrugged, lifting her head up high.

“Alpha Alisha, I am sorry.” Eamon bowed his head, jumping off Honey.

“She is not your Alpha; my father is your Alpha. I am going to tell him you disturbed me, and he will give you a whipping.” Honey shouted at Alisha.

“You do that, in fact, have him come right now, and see what a dirty little trollop you are.” Alisha laughed.

Even if whippings were permitted at the moment, she would never bow down or let this girl think she was afraid of her. It would only serve to fuel her ego further, and no matter what she faced, Alisha would never let any of that family see her as weak.

“Alpha Alisha, again I am sorry.” Eamon apologised once more, shame filling his every pore.

“Eamon, if you are insisting on apologising to me, can you at least cover your junk.” Alisha sighed.

She did not blame the warrior; she knew the hold Honey and her family had over them. She also understood he had probably taken one for the team, to try and appease Honey, in a bid to not give an excuse to anyone to hurt either her or Iesha. Daphne herself had told her how Honey had ‘needs’ and would manipulate the warriors of Edensor with threats of further abuse and extra whippings for their Alpha if they did not obey her commands.

“Make the fire, and take a bath, you stink of shit."

Honey growled out, knowing that if she was caught fraternizing with warriors in just two weeks, the Prince would be there, and probably would claim her as his fated mate, she would get into serious trouble with both her father and her mother.

Embarrassment flooded Alisha, she knew she smelt bad, never more so than now with her tummy troubles. However, she schooled her features, determined not to let Honey see the spite-filled remark had hit its mark and walked to the fireplace.

Neither Alisha nor Iesha had access to a bath, only a hose pipe out the back of the pack, and freezing cold water. She had not been allowed soap, since her refusal to be a pawn in Jabez’s political games, so the cold water did little to rid any smell that she or Iesha had.

Once Alisha had been caught with some shower gel, Daphne had given her. She was promptly taken to the whipping pole for punishment when she refused to say who had given her the bottle. She would rather let them think she had stolen it and take the punishment than see one of her pack members thrown into the dungeons for disobeying Luna Qamar’s orders.

Honey pulled up her PJ bottoms, and stormed out of the room, leaving just Alisha and Eamon.

“Again, Alpha, I am sorry. It is just easier to do as she asks, to stop her having you and Iesha punished,” Eamon said his head bowed.

Alisha sighed, then turned and gave her warrior a soft smile.

“Eamon, don’t you see? I would rather take all the punishments than see any of you made to do something you don’t want to,” Alisha sighed.

“It is not hard for us Alisha. Don’t YOU see that most of Edensor would do anything for our true Alpha, we are just waiting for her order,” Eamon sighed, bowing his head.

“Oh, I think it was hard, from what I just witnessed,” Alisha grinned, shaking her head.

Eamon went the colour of a tomato, finding his feet the most interesting thing on the planet right now.

“As soon as I get my wolf, we will get out of here, and go home.” Alisha smiled at her warrior, feeling bad for teasing him.

“I know, and we are with you every step of the way.” Eamon nodded, then turned and left the room, even though he wanted nothing more than to help his alpha lay the fires, but again, it was not worth the punishment she would receive if he was caught helping either her or Iesha.Chapter Six – The Forgotten Mate and the Alpha Prince